We just redesigned the entire site...

(and added a bunch of new stuff too)

December 12th, 2016

I know, I know… we’ve been quiet for a few weeks… but there is a really great reason!

We’ve taken the time to completely re-designed the entire WDA website (using an amazing new product that we'll talk about below). We’ve added some sweet new features and there is sooooo much to tell you about! There’s also a few huge surprises at the end!

Let’s start with the most obvious change… the design.

The New Design

Previously the design of our website was created using a combination of Genesis + Dynamik Website Builder + Visual Composer. It was a fixed width design and overall was nice, it wasn’t amazing… but it was nice and professional.

But now we’re packing some serious power!

Now it’s a full width design, some sections use background videos, there’s a cool masonry grid of posts, there’s big color blocks, gorgeous photography and a more! Best of all, once we start producing new content we're going to show you how we did it all (yep, you're going to be able to do the same thing)!  To show you just how big an improvement it is, take a look at some before and after screenshots.

Click a thumbnail to enlarge

It’s gorgeous isn’t it? We love how it looks and we think you’re going to love creating websites with the exact same tools we use. Want to know what it is? Want the same powerful features?  Keep on reading!

We are hereby officially KILLING our recommendation of using Genesis + Dynamik Website Builder + Visual Composer and burying it in the Graveyard.  STOP USING THAT COMBINATION!  There is something so much better, so much easier and we've got a special surprise for you...

We wanted to hook you up with an amazing deal on it so we put together a package that will not only save you MONEY but also give you some of the actual PAGE TEMPLATES from our website (like the screenshots above) and we want to teach you how it's done so we made some instructional VIDEOS so you know how to use it. With these bonuses you’ll be creating amazing website in just a few hours. Curious?  Click the button below right now!

The New (and now Free) Toolkit

The Toolkit has been completely redone with the same framework as our main website so it’s now mobile friendly and includes a search feature so you can find your tools faster! However, the biggest news is that we’ve added a great new feature. This new feature will help you make more money, it’s called… Paid.

Ever have a client say something like “Hey, can you resend me that payment link, I can’t find it.” or “Did I pay you for that work you did a few weeks ago?”. We’ve had issues like that going on for a while, so we decided to finally do something about it.

Introducing Paid, a simple billing management system that’s built right into the Toolkit.

Simply add a new customer and a bill (with payment link) and you’ll have a unique URL that you can give that particular customer so they will have one URL that will always show them all their bills (paid and unpaid). We made a quick video to show you.

The other BIG news about the Toolkit is that you can now get a 100% FREE account! The free Toolkit account gives you 100% access to all the online tools, including Paid… but you are limited to adding one customer only (you can add unlimited bills).

More new (and upcoming) stuff

We encourage you to click around and explore our website.  While we have covered the big changes above, there are some minor ones and a sneak peek as to what's next.

New Photos - On the About page you’ll find some new photos of us from our recent cruise to the Bahamas.  We also added a super-embarrassing photo of from over 10 years ago.  OMG.

New Guides - We've completed Web Design 101 and Web Design 102 for people that are just getting started in web design and need some beginner information to get them going.

New Homepage - Like we mentioned above the homepage has been redesigned and includes a link to the beginner resources, latest blog post in a grid and some recommended tools.

(COMING SOON) Instant Help - When making a website, sometimes you run into something that you just can't get around.  Maybe your lost setting up WooCommerce.  Maybe you can't find that perfect plugin.  Maybe no matter what you do the damn button just won't save!  And now this problem is majorly screwing up your day.  Well we've got something revolutionary for you.  Imagine having a real life, super-talented web designer virtually connect with you in minutes to help you through your web problem? Yeah. Let that sink in for a second.

(COMING SOON) Behind The Code - We’ve got a few interviews lined up with some amazing people that you’re gonna love.

Phew... my fingers are starting to hurt after all of that!  That wraps it up for now, it feels good to be able to share the new Web Designers Academy design after working on it for the past month or so!

Your friends,
Ian & Amy Anderson