Ian Robert Anderson's Video Portfolio

A Small Selection of Recording + Editing + Voice Over Work

Paid Introduction Video

This video introduces people to a simple billing management feature in the Toolkit called Paid.  It's a short, quick video and shows viewers just how easy it is to use the system.

SpinHelp Introduction (Animated)

This video introduces people to the SpinHelp service in a fun and lighthearted way.  The video includes a simple storyline and fun characters to keep people interested in the service.

NOTE: I was responsible for script writing, animation and sound effects... not voiceover (of course!)

Themify Float Theme

The Float theme contains some useful features such as the ability to float items around the screen when the user is scrolling. This video shows the user how to use the element float feature.

Email Tips (Animated)

This fun video is intended to be shown to clients by web designers – it includes four useful tips that can help your website project move along smoothly.

WP Triggers Walkthrough

See the new features in our premium WordPress plugin named WP Triggers. It opens a world of possibility with just a little box.

Gravity Forms Course Introduction

This video is shown to students who purchase the Learn Gravity Forms course. This video gives a good overview of how the course works and how to navigate around.

Key Features

This video was created to quickly show the features of Themify Builder in just a few minutes (this is a shorter version of Builder Overview video).

Builder Overview

This is the featured video for the Themify Builder plugin. This video shows you how to use the builder to make a website.

How To “Go Viral” (Animated)

This fun animated video introduces the WP Triggers concept and shows the viewer how to make their site “go viral”

Customize Panel

Customizing theme features in Themify Builder is easy when using the default WordPress Customize panel.

Toolkit Promo / Photoshop Colorizing Shapes

This video tutorial uses an item from the Toolkit to show viewers how to do something in Photoshop, in this case it is changing shape colors.

Gravity Forms Course Lesson

This is one lesson from the Gravity Forms course (which contains over 25 videos). In this particular lesson you’ll learn how to use Gravity Forms add-ons for additional functionality.

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