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Frequently Asked Questions

★★ How to fix the most common problem ★★

If your question is something like: I can't submit my trigger box  / Clicking on the button does not work / I can't save anything in the admin area, then this fix is for you!

You are probably having a plugin conflict problem (one plugin is breaking another plugin).  To verify, please do the following:

  1. Update all your plugins, themes and WordPress.... then try it again.
  2. Deactivate / Reactivate the WP Triggers plugin... then try it again.
  3. If you upgraded to the paid version, make sure you deactivate and DELETE the free (lite) version... then try it again.
  4. Deactivate all your other plugins and try it again, if that fixes it… reactivate your other plugins one at a time until you find the one that breaks it.
  5. If that doesn’t work… keep all the other plugins deactivated and switch to the default WP theme and see if it works.
  6. If that doesn’t work… try it on a different server/domain
How do visitors know what trigger to type in?

Great question and this is why WP Triggers is so great.  It empowers your website to enhance all your other marketing efforts.  Here are some examples:

  • You want to offer a free coupon for a free 10 minute massage to everyone that hears your radio ad.  During the radio ad, you tell people to visit your website and type in free10radio to download a coupon
  • You are running a conference and you tell audience members to visit your website and type the code MARKETINGSEMINAR7 to download notes and presentations from the seminar as a bonus.
  • You are a small rock band and you tell everyone at your shows that they can download your latest album by visiting your website and typing in rockme in the promo box.

Of course, you can use WP Triggers to collect information the visitor already knows like their zip code or email address.

How does WP Triggers handle spaces in triggers?

By default, spaces are not counted as a valid triggers, however we understand that in some cases it would be useful for people to use spaces in your triggers, so here is a way around it:

Let's say that you had a postal code that included a space, like this: RG14 78P

We recommend adding TWO triggers like this:

  • RG14%
  • RG14% %

Notice the space and the extra % after it?  Give that a try!

Do trigger boxes work in sidebar widgets?

If your WP theme supports shortcodes in sidebar widgets, then yes they do!  Simply copy and paste the shortcode into a text box in your widget area.  If your theme does NOT support shortcodes in sidebar widgets try this plugin.

What can a trigger be? Are there any limits?

A trigger can be pretty much anything.  Letters, numbers and standard keyboard symbols will all work fine.  For example if you are making a mini-golf coupon appear a good trigger might be freeround14.  While there is technically no limit to the number of characters a trigger can have most of the time a trigger is a short word or a couple of numbers... so that visitors can remember them.

Is there a demo of WP Triggers I can play with?

If you want to see if WP Triggers will work for you, the best way is to try the WP Triggers demo.  You can login, create trigger boxes, see trigger history, style buttons and more!  Play with all the features without having to buy it!

Does WP Triggers work in a WordPress Multisite Network?

Yes it does!  You just need to remember to activate it at the subsite level and not at the network one.

Thanks to Emilien for the tip!

How do I buy WP Triggers?

We have an exclusive deal with CodeCanyon.net meaning that all sales of WP Triggers are done on their site.  It's easy to get an account and only takes a minute (or two if you type slow).

Does trigger capitalization matter?

No.  The trigger FREEPIZZA is the same as freepizza and fReEpIzZa.

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