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3 Ways For Web Designers To Earn Recurring Revenue (#2 Is The Most Profitable)

Ways For Web Designers To Earn Recurring Revenue If you’re a free lance web designer or own a small web design company, you know the amount of money you bring in can be drastically different from one month to the next. It can be a feast or famine situation. One month you have so much…

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How to setup a Google Optimize Redirect Test in 13 minutes

“Cool homepage, how does it convert?” that’s the question that everyone needs answers to. That’s also the question people pay “experts” to answer for them. But by using one of Google’s free tools (called Google Optimize) you can find out the answer yourself saving thousands of dollars in “consulting fees” and (hopefully) making thousands more…

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How to sell WordPress hosting to your clients at a premium

When it comes to website hosting, one of the most frustrating things that we’ve dealt with over the years is clients who use price as a major deciding factor to determine where their website should be hosted. They don’t understand that hosting packages are not created equally and that there are some that out perform…

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How to make tight deadlines (and get to wine faster)

It was 4:37 pm… and I was pissed off. Earlier today everything had gone wrong: three “promised” payments didn’t come in, two websites crashed and my email was down for about an hour. Thankfully, I had gotten over all those ...
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How to NOT get burned by “potential clients”

Seven years ago, I made a huge mistake (no, I didn’t buy a pair of cold-weather crocs). I agreed to have a phone conversation with a "potential client" about what they wanted in a new website. Seems simple enough, right? ...
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YouTube Channel Art Photoshop Files

YouTube Channel Art Photoshop Template (Free Download)

Take that boring-as-hell YouTube Channel Art and turn it into a masterpiece with these free templates. As web designers we're always looking for new ways to give more value and make more money from our clients and this post will ...
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Custom 404 Error Page

10 Awesome Custom 404 Error Pages PLUS 6 Clever Ideas!

Let's be honest: visitors to websites you build are going to hit a 404 page at some point, so why not make a custom 404 error page and blow their minds? There are a ton of reasons why people stumble ...
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Bad Web Design: Stop Drowning Your Visitors In Ads

If you can design a website that makes the visitor feel something... that's a good thing. Unless that something is pure RAGE, then that's called bad web design. Dear Ad Supported Websites, I get it. I really do. I know ...
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We're a happily married, husband and wife web design team. With a combined two decades of experience, we've designed over 1000+ WordPress websites and are still counting!  We're here to share everything we know to help you rock WordPress, save time and make more money. We also think it's a sin to waste tacos or sushi!

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