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We are Amy and Ian Anderson a husband and wife web design team from Tampa, Florida that have created more than 1,000 websites over our combined 25+ years in this industry. We ignore "traditional" business and design bullshit and discover what actually works (and then we share it with you).

WP Triggers

WP Triggers is the #1 creative platform for building interactive experiences. Just imagine what's now possible.

Gravity Forms Course

Registering new users, credit card payments and user submitted blog posts are just some of what you'll learn.

Profitable Handbook

We took 25+ years of pain, frustration and learning then condensed it into this easy to read handbook.

The Latest Content

Change the color of JUST ONE WordPress menu entry

Sometimes there is a special feature or a unique page that you want to draw a bit more attention to… but how? One way is to make just one WordPress menu entry a different color so that stands out from the rest. It’s pretty easy to change the color of just one WordPress menu entry,…

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Increase your hourly rate in just one afternoon

What are you doing this weekend? Instead of binging Netflix, what if you learned how to go from making $ to $$$ in your web design business? This post will show you something cool that we’ve been using for years. Being successful in web design comes down to one thing… how much value can you…

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Learn Gravity Forms – Student Q&A Answers

I asked the students that got early-access to the Learn Gravity Forms course to submit any question they had about Gravity Forms and I would put together a video answering each question… this is that video! This is a looooonnnngggggg video (about 30 minutes) so if you are short on time you can use this…

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Outsmart Carbs Report (Month 2)

See More Outsmart Carbs Monthly Reports It’s month two of Outsmart Carbs and in this month we majorly slacked off, fixed our site stats problem and made more money! The low carb train continues rolling on and were excited to share with you news about the second month in the Outsmart Carbs journey! Like last…

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