15 talented Web Designers are needed… are you one of them?


By Web Designers Academy

September 15 2015 Update: We’ve got all the web designers we need so the link has been removed! Stay tuned for more info!

Are you good at making websites?

Like… really good?

We don’t want you to waste your time, so read these 4 questions and if you answer Yes to all of them… keep on reading… otherwise, bail on this page and enjoy the long weekend!

  1. Could you walk a non-techie person through resizing an image, logging into WordPress and adding that image to a NextGen Photo Gallery WITHOUT pulling your hair out?
  2. Do you remain calm when someone asks you to download their domain name into their blog? (pppffttt… I know right?)
  3. Have you been designing websites for a few years and have made a bunch of website for a variety of different industries?
  4. Can you look at any website and offer 6 ways to improve it?

Did you say Yes to those questions?  Good!  Keep on reading because we want to share something with you.

What’s The Deal Here Ian?

Well here’s the deal… we’ve been working on a little something that is going to change the way people get things done.  We need to be a little vague about it right now (to avoid spilling too many of the virtual “beans”) but what we can say is that it’s an opportunity for you, a talented web designer, to virtually help people from around the world and make some money (a.k.a. cheese, benjamins, scrilla, paper, whatever you want to call it) while doing it.

Does that sound like something you’d want to get in on?

If so, FILL OUT THIS SHORT FORM [LINK HAS BEEN REMOVED ON 9/15/2015] and we’ll get back to you with more information.

Your friends,
Ian & Amy