7 Inspiring Website Designs (#5 Is Our Fav)


By Web Designers Academy

Web Design Inspiration

Inspiration comes in many forms.

Sitting in the sand, watching the sun slowly lower behind the ocean.

The song you and your husband/wife first danced to at your wedding reception.

That amazing future that you envision in your mind that keeps you pushing forward.

All beautiful inspiration.

Today inspiration is going to come in the form of 7 super sexy website designs.

We remained objective in this post and resisted the urge to put any of our own designs from the Design Club on this list.

It’s worth noting that while we were compiling this list (whittling it down from the 30 we started with), we noticed a few similarities between the 7.  Keep these concepts in mind when designing your next site:

  1. Use professional images (no crappy blurry photos)
  2. Make images using flat design (no shadow, no gradient)
  3. The message should be clear (limit distractions, have a clear purpose)
  4. It never hurts to use circle images!

In no particular order, here they are:

7 sites to inspire your next website design

1 – Paper by Fifty Three (Launch Site)

Without scrolling, without reading a single work you know what this is.  That video in the background says it all.  It’s an IOS drawing app.  A really nice IOS drawing app.  Nice colors, nice images (things are moving a bit too much, but I’ll let that slide.)

7 sites to inspire your next website design

2 – Redesigned Newsweek by Lui (Launch Site)

Beautiful images in a grid, great typography that changes color with the color of the story image (like white text over a black image) and circle images (i loooovvveee circle image)

7 sites to inspire your next website design

3 – Apple Watch (Launch Site)

Apple recently updated their site to a flat design with a full width grey navigation.  It’s simple, beautiful and the photos of the watch are just perfect (and yes, I’m totally buying an Apple Watch when they get released. I might even buy one for each limb).

7 sites to inspire your next website design

4 – Mathilde Jacon (Launch Site)

Once the crazy animations stop on this website, it’s really nice.  The homepage circle image with colors and pictures is amazing (and it’s also a way to navigate the site).  The font isn’t great, but the faded background photos and peach font colors are great.

NOTE 1: This is a classic case of someone who makes things animate for the sake of making things animate.  Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should Mathilde.

NOTE 2: This website is in french which I cannot speak. Wanna hear a joke about languages?

What do you call someone that speaks three languages? Tri-lingual.

What do you call someone who speaks two languages? Bi-lingual.

What do you call someone who speaks one language? American.

7 sites to inspire your next website design

5 – Blu Homes (Launch Site)

WOW.  WOW.  WOW.  I could keep going with the wow’s but you get the point.  This website is gorgeous and simple.  The typography and colors are top notch.  The photos play a big part in why this is sooo sexy and the tiny bit of animation from the candlelight is a great touch.

If your client doesn’t have any nice photos, use stock photos (see our recommendations for places to get photos here) they make a big difference.  This site also has circle image too!  Yay!

7 sites to inspire your next website design

6 – Varsity Studios (Launch Site)

The opening screen with the words is striking.  I’ve never seen a website do that.  No navigation, no logo… just a clever tagline.  This makes you want to scroll and when you do you see nice images and color bars.  Great job!

7 sites to inspire your next website design

7 – Dropbox Guide (Launch Site)

As soon as you get to that page it’s obvious what you should do – there are no distractions here.  The playful hand drawn icons are great and they use a very nice color palette – it’s very pleasing and inviting.  Even the ‘Was this article helpful’ buttons make me happy.

We hope this list inspires you to make something beautiful!

If you do create something that you feel is exceptional in some way, send us an email and tell us all about it.

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Your friends,
Amy & Ian