A little trick to make a hyperlink start a phone call


By Web Designers Academy


It’s 2015 and everyone has a smartphone.  Everyone.

Since 2008 over 1 BILLION iPhones have been sold and my wife and I are personally responsible for 7 of those sales.

You are welcome Apple.

Anyway, add that billion to the number of Android phone out there and you’ve got a lot of people browsing the web on their phones… so it’s only natural that people would visit a website see a phone number and want to call it.

Enter Leo.

WDA reader Leo had an interesting question: how do you make a phone number click to make a phone call?

Great question Leo… and it’s actually a super easy answer.

Wherever you want to make a click to call link (image or text), all you’ve got to do is hyperlink it to a link that is formatted like this:

tel:(123) 456-7890

Let me show you an example, click this link: CALL US NOW

What happened when you clicked that?

If you are reading this on a phone that should prompt you to call that number.

If you are clicking those links on a desktop/laptop and depending on how you have your computer setup, you might be prompted to make that call using Skype or you just might get a message asking you what you want to do?

Click To Call HTML

The HTML for that link looks like this:
<a href=”tel:(123)456-7890″>CALL US NOW</a>

If you are using WordPress, just select the text/image that you want to make a clickable phone link click the hyperlink button and paste in tel:(123) 456-7890, so it should look like this:

Of course you should replace that phone number with the real phone number.

That’s all folks.

PS: Android phones aren’t real phones anyway, see Tom Hanks has an Android phone…