Out of the people you personally know, how many of them are able to make money while they are traveling around the world?

Exactly. Over a decade ago we had the same exact problem. Most people we knew were regular employees who didn't like their work very much but yet they did the same job year after year. The bar they set for their life was getting lower and lower. Their dreams were fading. They were bored, exhausted and lacked any motivation to try something else.

Worst of all, it didn't seem to bother them. They just accepted it.

But, we wanted something more. We knew that we could have a life filled with adventure and a constant stream of new and exciting experiences but we didn't have anybody that could teach us how to do it.

So we figured it out ourselves.

We built a successful, six-figure, location-independent web design business and we travel around the world together while making money.

Now, we want to share everything we know.

That's why we built the Web Designers Academy - to give motivated people (like you) the knowledge, tools and personal guidance to design an adventurous life. Join our web designer training program.

Ian & Amy Anderson

Our training program has everything you need

We know exactly what is required to run your own location-independent web design business so you won't be lost or confused.

Training Access

Learn from over one hundred modules that walk you through everything you need to know. Rewatch at anytime.

Office Hours Invites

Share your screen on a live group video call to get instant feedback, ask questions and meet other students.

Expert Help

Ask one of our trainers for help on any training topic or real life client project that you need help with.

Dealing With Clients

Some clients can be unreasonable. We know, we've been there. We will help you out with any client request.

Design Critiques

Hhhmm. Does that look right? Could it be better? Submit your work and get suggestions to make it sexier.

Tools & Downloads

From the Problem Solver and Pricing Calculator to the premade agreements and pro templates.

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