Add Videos to WP Triggers


By Web Designers Academy

Adding video to your trigger box is a great way to get people excited about your site. So this video I’m going to show you how to use a YouTube video and a Vimeo video in the same trigger box. So, let’s get started.

Here on the main WP Trigger screen I’m going to click “Add new” and the box name we’re going to call this “Video Demo.” So in the first trigger set we’re going to play YouTube video. So I’m going to make a trigger that is YouTube and then on the right it says, “Then display this.” So in this box over here is where we need to get the HTML for the YouTube video. So here’s a video we’re going to use. It’s a video for Opt-in Rocket a Mailing List Course and at the bottom of every YouTube video there’s a button that say, “Share.” See that right there? You want to click on that button and then click on “embed.”

Now depending on the size of your website you might want to choose some of these buttons. If you have a bigger website you might want to pick a bigger one but I’m just going to stick with the default one right here and in this box right here is the HTML embed code. So I’m going to right click on that choose copy. I’m going to come back here and I’m going to just paste it into this box.

So when someone types in the word YouTube it’s going to show this embed code. Now let’s add a new trigger set for Vimeo. Simply click the “Add new” trigger set button. So, the trigger here is going to be Vimeo and once again here is the Opt-in Rocket Course on Vimeo so when I click “share” and just like in YouTube there are a bunch of options down here under customize embed options so depending on how wide your site is or if you want to show the link text then you can change all that stuff.

The end result is just like on YouTube you have a bunch of the HTML code here. So you want to click in here, select it all, right click and choose copy and let’s come back here and then across from Vimeo we want to just paste in the embed code.

So we have the YouTube. The trigger YouTube is going to show the YouTube code. The trigger Vimeo is going to show the Vimeo code and then down the button we have if someone doesn’t type in a valid so it’s going to say, “That is not a valid trigger buddy” and I’m just going to uncheck this box that says, “Hide the trigger box after visitor searches for a trigger.” We’ll talk about that in another video.

So once we’ve done all that click on “save changes” and here we have next to video demo here’s the short code so you want to select that and choose copy and now I’m going to go to pages and add new and I want to call this, “using videos.” I’m simply going to right click and choose paste so there’s my short code and I’m going to ask a question above it. I’m going to say, “What type of video do you want to see” and then click publish.

I’m going to right click on the view page so it opens in a new tab and let’s go to that page so it says, “What type of video do you want to see.” Well, I want to see a YouTube video so when a visitor types in YouTube and hits enter here is the YouTube video that we can play. What if the person wants to watch a Vimeo video they can simply type in Vimeo and hit enter and it shows the Vimeo version. So that’s how you use videos in your trigger boxes. Enjoy.