Avoid Creative Burnout With These 12 Tips [BONUS instantly create a standing desk]


By Web Designers Academy

It’s inevitable… burning out is something every creative person will face at some point… and you need to know how to deal with it.

It can happen at anytime to anyone.

Sometimes all it takes a particularly demanding client wanting a different header image on every page of their 40+ page site (I’m talking to you Kevin!!!).

Sometimes you’ve just got too many new projects starting at the exact same time and you haven’t showered (or slept much) in 3 days.

Super-gross, btw!

When these things happen, you (and I) ended up feeling tired, angry, disrespected and frustrated all at the same time… it’s a terrible combination.

Whatever triggers the “I-hate-everything-today” moment in your daily web design life, take a deep breath and know that there is something that can be done about it

… and it’s pretty simple.

It Always Gets Better

First thing you (and I) need to remember is that you have all this work coming in because you are a talented person! If you sucked at making websites you’d have no projects going on, you’d be broke and nobody would be emailing you. That’s a much worse problem to have.

So now that we’ve got some perspective on the situation, I found something that really helped me get back in a creative and happy mood… and it’s soooooooooo simple to do!

Read each of these 12 steps…

How simple is that?

It might be simple, but it works! I promise!

Recently, I did every single one of those things and you know what… it worked. I felt better. I felt inspired. I was not only ready to tackle the mile-long email inbox, I was excited to do it.

Those twelve things are so easy to do… and we all know we should be doing those things each day, sometimes life gets in the way. Just start with the first one (drink a glass of water)… you’ll gain a teeny-tiny bit of momentum for the second one… and you’ll soon be on the last one.

I do not know who originally made that image (it was not me) but I’d really like to thank them and link to their site. If you know who originally make this, let me know!

Stay inspired my friends,
Ian “today-is-not-that-bad” Anderson

PS: The day I did all of those steps I figured out a simple way to make a standing desk (so I’m not sitting on my butt all day). I have these bins near my desk filled with charging cables, pens, notepads, some random cords that I don’t know what they go to, etc… and I realized that when I stack two of them on top of each other… it puts my laptop at the PERFECT height to be able to work standing up!

PPS: Yeah, I put a little piece of paper over my laptop camera so the government can’t spy on me. That’s not weird. Is it?!?

PPPS: If you want that sweet wallpaper you see on my screen, do a Google Image search for Rosewood Little Dix Bay. If anyone would like to pay for a vacation for us to go there for a week… we’d totally say yes.