Bad Web Design: Stop Drowning Your Visitors In Ads


If you can design a website that makes the visitor feel something… that’s a good thing. Unless that something is pure RAGE, then that’s called bad web design.

Dear Ad Supported Websites,

I get it.

I really do.

I know that providing free information on your website needs to have some sort of revenue generating component to it so you can support your work. I also know that copywriters, researchers, web servers, graphic designers, web designers and everything else that goes into your website has a cost associated with it BUT you don’t have to create a bad web design and whore up (basically) every little pixel on the screen like CinemaBlend does:

Bad Web Design

NOTE: If you want to see this disaster live go HERE 

Look at it.


There are FIVE different ad locations on the screen at one time and some of those even float down with you as you scroll!  Some are overlapping. The ads take up the majority of the screen leaving only about 25% left for the actual text of the article and make it extremely distracting to read. Even worse, most of the visible ads are not even related to the story (where are my Walking Dead fans?) except for that one on the left with Negan and Lucille (that’s the bat).

Website ads should support the site not BE the site

I know what you’re thinking: “Uumm… Ian… your website has ads on it too!

That is true. However the ads are there to provide some income from affiliate and product sales but it does not destroy the website experience for the visitor. The Web Designers Academy website has four ads in one sidebar location (which goes away once you scroll past them), a email signup form at the end of most posts and an exit intent popup. You should only see one ad location at a time and most of the time you won’t have any on your screen. 

To show you what I mean: at this point in the article… do you still see those ads anymore? Nope.

When you started to read this article and saw those ads, did they ruin your experience? Nope.

Want more punishment?

Here is another great example of how to destroy the website visitors experience, courtesy of the good people at “We Got This Covered”:

Bad Web Design

If you want to see it live, go HERE 

This eye-destroying, bad web design, clusterfuck not only has tons of ads (some floating) displaying at one time, the header is floating so the screen space is even smaller. Oh yeah and they do that super-annoying “This website would like to send you notifications” browser popup thing. That’s terrible too.  Don’t ever do that.

They should be more accurate and change their name to “We Got This Website Covered In Ads”.

Stop Bad Web Design & Get Inspired

I know all of these distracting, advertisement filled websites are a great example of what NOT to do but what should you do?  That’s where Inspired comes in. It’s like a swipefile for good website design.

When we find a gorgeous looking website we add it to our online repository called Inspired. Go there and you’ll find lots of website designs (and even popups) that will inspire you to design something beautiful. Like THIS ONE and THIS ONE and THIS ONE.


Have you found a bad web design that makes you want to blind yourself? Share the worst designed websites in the comments below and share the misery.