Congratulations on your Beaver Builder purchase! You’ve just taken a major step in building gorgeous websites! This page contains the bonuses you get for purchase our Beaver Builder deal. Your purchase has been verified and you now have access to the resources below.

Page Templates

While creating Beaver Builder page layouts is easy, creating GORGEOUS Beaver Builder layouts takes a professional touch. The page templates below correspond to actual pages on the Web Designers Academy website. To learn how to install these templates, watch the first video in the next section.

NOTE: The templates below were exported on 12/19/2016 - the current live pages might look slightly different.


Let Ian walk you through installing and using the above templates. He’ll break down the important sections and show you how they all work together. Once you go through these videos, you’ll have a greater understanding of how to build beautiful page layouts using Beaver Builder.

PRO TIP 1: Watch them in order as the learning builds as you go along.

PRO TIP 2: Click the fullscreen button for maximum effect (bottom right corner of player)

Video 1: Installing Beaver Builder Templates

Video 2: Understanding The Homepage

Video 3: Toolkit + WP Triggers

Video 4: Resources + Web Design 102