The Web Designers Academy presents the

Beaver Builder Jumpstart Kit #1

Looking for a quick way to get started with Beaver Builder? This is for you.

Q: Do you know what really sucks?
A: Buying something and not knowing what to do with it.

If you just bought Beaver Builder and are looking to get a major jumpstart (read: save TONS of time) get the Beaver Builder Jumpstart Kit #1 now and let the Web Designers Academy help you!  You'll be a Beaver Builder master in about an hour. This kit includes FIVE page templates and FOUR instructional videos to get you up to speed.

5 Professionally Designed Page Templates

While creating any old Beaver Builder page layouts is easy, creating GORGEOUS Beaver Builder layouts takes a professional touch. You can use actual page templates from the Web Designers Academy website. Of course you'll learn how to install these templates in the very first video. #smartmove

NOTE: The templates below were exported on 12/19/2016 - the current live pages might look slightly different.

4 Super Helpful Instructional Videos

Enjoy some quality time with our in-house design nerd (Ian) as he walks you through installing and using the above Beaver Builder page templates. He’ll break down the important sections, show you how they all work together and give you the confidence to start building your own beautiful page layouts using Beaver Builder.

Video 1: Installing Beaver Builder Templates


Video 2: Understanding The Homepage


Video 3: Toolkit + WP Triggers


Video 4: Resources + Web Design 102