Beaver Builder Tutorial: How to use a transparent texture as a row background


When using Beaver Builder you’ve got a lot of options for the background of a row. You can chose a color, photo / parallax, a hosted video, a YouTube video and more.


What if you wanted to use a texture?

What if you wanted to use a repeating texture?

What if you wanted to use a transparent repeating texture?

Sadly, there is no choice in Beaver Builder for that. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. With just a few selections in the row background options you can have a background transparent repeating texture that shows the background color through it. It’s a cool trick that will save you a bunch of time.

But first… where do you get these textures? Is there a way to preview them over your row background color WITHOUT putting it on your website? Yes there is! There is a cool website (shown in video) that has tons of transparent textures for you to use.

Checkout the transparent texture website from the video HERE

Easy, right? Click here for more Beaver Builder tutorials.

Your friend,
Ian “The Sweet Background” Anderson