Add An Announcement Bar To Your Entire WordPress Website (Without A Plugin)

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Beaver Builder Tutorials

Beaver Themer Tutorial: Create A Custom 404 Error Page

What does a swearing dog, firing incompetant employees and a ladder have in common? They are all hella-great ideas for custom 404 error pages that you can create with this Beaver Themer Tutorial. Now sure how to use Beaver Themer? This article will show you. WTF is Beaver Themer? The very first thing you need to…

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Creating Video Row Backgrounds (Using Amazon S3)

Tutorial: Creating Video Row Backgrounds (Using Amazon S3) You can make a row that looks like this in just a few minutes Scroll down to keep reading Have you noticed something recently?¬†Websites are looking more amazing than ever. One visually-awesome trend in web design is having a background row contain a looping video. A perfect…

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What’s the difference between a Parallax and a Photo row background?

This question has been plaguing people for centuries. Back in 551 BC, the great Chinese philosopher Confucius once asked a group of meditating monks “What’s the difference between a Parallax and a Photo row background?”… and the answer they gave him has been passed down for centuries. It’s been kept and only allowed to be…

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Behind The Code Show: Robby McCullough

About This Episode Robby McCullough (@robbymccullough) is one of the three co-founders of the best WordPress website builder named Beaver Builder (@BeaverBuilder) – which is the ONLY WordPress theme / framework / page builder that the Web Designers Academy recommends. For the last few years the entire Beaver Builder team has learned a lot about…

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