Responsive Design

Show and Hide Different Content On Mobile Devices & Desktops

You don’t always order the exact same pizza, so why display the exact same content on mobile devices AND on desktops? Here’s how to show and hide different content on mobile devices and desktops. The first thing you need to understand is that there are MANY ways to show and hide content on mobile devices…

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Make a DIY sticky header in Genesis (WordPress)

It’s something that I’ve seen in a lot of websites recently and oddly enough… a client asked me for it just this week. After gettin’ my nerd on and trying a bunch of convoluted ways to make the header sticky, I DIY’d it and made a super-simple version that I want to share with you……

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Genesis Column Class Cheatsheet

I don’t know about you, but probably 97% of websites we make have columns on the homepage. It’s a nice way of displaying short intro content and makes it a bit more visually interesting than free flowing paragraph text (like what you are reading now).  What’s cool about Genesis + Dynamik Website Builder is that…

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