How to change shape colors in Photoshop [VIDEO + PSD File]


By Web Designers Academy

READ ME FIRST: If you know your way around Photoshop, skip this video (you’ll be super-bored, unless you love the smooth talkin’ sound of Ian’s voice?) BUT if you are new to Photoshop, you’re gonna learn from this.

Nowadays, we get caught up in making multi-page conditional logic registration forms… but it wasn’t always like that.

Years ago… Photoshop baffled us.

I remember launching Photoshop for the first time and saying “wwwwhhaaaaa…. is all of this?”

Tons of little buttons on all sides of the screen, numbers and drop down menus everywhere and when I learned that those little icons have different little icons when you right click on them… MIND = BLOWN.

So if you are one of those people that are new to Photoshop, we put together something that will help you.

Let’s go back to the basics.

Changing Shape Colors in Photoshop

In this short 6-minute video, Ian will walk you through changing the colors of a hummingbird logo and you’ll also be able to download the original artwork file and use for anything you’d like.

And by “anything you’d like” we mean it.  No attribution needed, no restriction, just learn, enjoy and make some $ with the knowledge.

That’s how we rooooooooll.

(see what I did there?)

For maximum awesomeness = increase the quality to 1080p HD and make it full screen (lower right corner of video player)

Got Photoshop?  You can follow along with the video and make your own hummingbird by clicking the button below and downloading the hummingbird logo PSD file for free.

This PSD file is a free gift from the Toolkit (a fantastic resource that helps in all aspects of a web designers day, which has a ton of logos for you to use).

Adobe Photo-what?

If you don’t have Photoshop yet it’s not that expensive at all, you could get it for just $19 per month by clicking here.

I remember when Photoshop used to be over $1,000 dollars… and you had to pay for the new version the next year.  You don’t know how good you kids got it.

[rocking on an old wooden chair, in my best old man grumbly voice]

How times have changed.

However if $19 per month is too much for you (I totally understand, we’ve all been there), try the free open source alternative to Photoshop called GIMP – download GIMP here.

Not to be confused with PIMP, which is someone who gets paid to… well. Nevermind.

Your friends,
Amy & Ian Anderson

PS: Did you make your own hummingbird?  Submit it below and show us what you’ve got!