Comments are now turned on & The 10 Comment(ments)


By Web Designers Academy

Ever since the beginning of time (ok, fine, since August 2014) we’ve been posting interesting web design tutorials and tips and you, the incredible community of good-looking web designers, have consumed them.

It’s been a linear one-way conversation.  We write it… you read it.

Until today.

Today we are excited to announce that we are activating our commenting system (we’re using Disqus)!

This means that you can not only talk with us, but you can talk with each other.

We are going to be able to do some fun things now that we can all talk and share together, but first we need to be clear about something.

The 10 WDA Comment(ments)

We want to encourage everyone to speak up, to be heard and to not to be afraid to ask questions.

To do that we need to make sure that everybody understands how to get the most out of this community:

  1. Be like The Fonz: Be cool, be helpful, be friendly. The world has enough jerks, don’t be one of them.
  2. Share what you know: If you know how to do something that someone is struggling with, help them.  You’ll make their day and you’ll feel good about it too.  Remember that we are designing more than just websites here… we’re designing happiness.
  3. Mom, is that you?: If you wouldn’t say it to your Mom, don’t say it here.
  4. Don’t make people feel bad: Don’t hurt peoples feelings, don’t mock people.  Remember that everyone does the best they can with what they have.
  5. Links / Affiliate links: You can post a link / affiliate link to a product, but only do it when someone else is looking for a suggestion for that type of product.  People can Google stuff on their own pretty easily, so make sure when you post your link it is because you are trying to be helpful (not greedy).
  6. You are NOT the all knowing master (no one is): Everybody doesn’t know everything and we are all traveling on our own journey and have experienced life a bit differently.  Understand that YOUR WAY might not be the RIGHT WAY for someone else.
  7. Naughty words: Swearing is OK as long as you are not swearing AT someone else.  For example “This website is sooo fucking awesome” is OK, but “That’s not valid CSS you fucking dick-tard” is NOT OK.  You’re an adult, act like one.
  8. We recognize you: Don’t be mad if we (Ian & Amy) don’t respond directly to each and every comment you post – we love and appreciate all of you.
  9. Don’t get offended: If someone corrects you or suggests a different way of doing something, don’t take offense.  Try their suggestion, see it from their point of view.  Take a breath and realize they are not attacking you.
  10. Decide to have meaning: Have fun, tell a joke, smile, laugh and remember that your life is made up of tiny, individual moments connected together – make those moments mean something.

If that’s too much to remember, just remember this super-simple acronym DBAJ (Don’t Be A Jerk).

Your friends,
Ian & Amy

PS: Feel free to use this list on your own website, just add a link back to this page for some love.