Copy & Paste FAQ: How do I add a photo to an existing NextGen Gallery?


By Web Designers Academy

This is part of an ongoing series of FAQ questions that web designers can copy and paste into their website to help save time answering common customer support questions.
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Q: How do I add a photo to an existing NextGen Gallery

A: Login to your website and look down the left hand side dark grey column… at the bottom there is a option for Gallery, move your mouse over than and click Add Gallery / Images.  Once there choose the gallery name that you would like your photo to be added to by dropping down the Gallery drop down menu.

Then click the Add Files button and browse to the photos you want to add (you can upload multiple images at once).  Click on OK or Open (depending on your system) and you will now see the filenames of your chosen photos in a list on the screen.

Now click the Start Upload button and wait while your photos get uploaded to your website (this could take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the quantity and size of your images).

Once the photos have been successfully uploaded you will see a confirmation message appear in the top right of your browser.  Your new photos have now been added to the NextGen Gallery you specified.