Create A Virtual Scavenger Hunt Using WP Triggers

by Web Designers Academy | Last Updated: November 24, 2013 | Subscribe to get emails

NOTE: The new version of Wp Triggers now includes redirection built in!

A virtual scavenger hunt is a great way to get web visitors interested in your city or town. This is especially useful for chambers of commerce or office of tourism. The people whose job it is to get people interested in what’s going on in the area. To start this, what I would do is I would take some notes of a few places that you want to draw attention to.

In my notes here, there’s a building in downtown Tampa that I want people to see. There is a hotel over here on Treasure Island and there’s a Pear over here on Clearwater. So, let’s get started. Obviously, we’re using Google Maps for this. We’re using Google Maps because Google Maps has preview.

I’m just going to zoom in to where I know this building is. I’m going to drag the little stick man over here and drop it. We’re going to embed this street view map into a trigger box. Some will be able to move this around like this and they’ll move it around until they find a round building. The round building that we want to draw attention to is this Sykes building right there.

What we’re going to do is we’re going to zoom out and I’m just going to place the view right about here. Once you have your view in street view what you want, there’s a little link here. Click on that. Then it says, “Paste HTML to embed in a website.” I’m going to copy that and I’m going to come to WP Triggers. I’m going to start by adding a new trigger box.

Let’s call it scavenger hunt. By default WP Triggers is going to show a box. We need the visitor to type something in to display the map. We’re going to type the words. Let me get to a page. We’re going to have them type the word “start.” The first trigger is going to be start and then they’re going to type in start and they’re going to see this. I actually typed it out already so you don’t have to watch me type.

Here’s the first question. The question is Question 1: What is the name of the round building on the corner of North Ashley and Kennedy Boulevard in downtown Tampa? I’m just going to copy the embed code and I’m going to paste it here. That’s the first thing that we have to do.

Now, the next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to add a new trigger set. Here, the answer to the first question is Sykes. That’s what we’re typing as the trigger for the second set. Moving on, I said that there is a hotel in Treasure Island. Let me just zoom out here. I’m going to drag the little stick man onto the street here. The hotel that I want to draw attention to is the Thunderbird Hotel.

If we look it is right here. It’s actually behind this little palm tree. Let me just go up the street a little bit and go one more. That’s a good shot of it. We want to draw attention to the Thunderbird Hotel. As you can tell it is a green, yellow and red bird. We are just going to place the view let’s say looking like this. So, the person has to spin it around.

The second question which once again I’ve already typed out so you don’t have to watch me type is this. We want to say correct once they type in Sykes and then Question 2: What is the name of the big green, yellow and red bird on Treasure Island? Let’s come here and let’s embed the map again. Just copy that and paste it here.

Once again, the answer to that question is what? It’s Thunderbird. Let’s type in Thunderbird. Like I said, the last sort of attraction that I want to show here is the Pear in Clearwater. I’m going to zoom out. Let’s zoom in here. I’m just going to take the little stick man and place him down here. It’s always a good idea to try and embed your map really nice looking view.

Don’t embed staring down at the cement or something. Try to find a nice view where someone can as soon as they see this be interested and want to spin it around and see what’s going on in your area. By the way, here’s the Pear 60 sign. As you can tell, the letters are blue.

The question that we’re going to ask and once again I already have it typed out and paste it here is correct – we have to say correct because they got it right – and it says question 3: What color are the letters in the Pear 60 sign (Clearwater’s famous pear)? Well, obviously the answer is blue. But we’re going to zoom out and let’s set the view to like this. That’s pretty nice.

Once again, I’m just going to get the embed code and I’m going to paste it under that. You can continue along. I just wanted to show you three. The last thing we could do is actually maybe something really cool is maybe we can give them a coupon or something for actually going through the scavenger hunt.

So, the answer to the sign question is obviously blue. If you recall back on the e-book idea video – which if you’re not familiar with that, go watch that now – the end result was that there was this little piece of code here that redirect them to a PDF. So, you’re going to want to make a PDF of some sort of coupon for whatever it is that you’re going to offer here. You want to paste it in here.

When someone types in the answer to your last question, they’re going to be redirected to a PDF which of course they could then print out and bring with them to the store. The trigger’s not found. I’m going to say something like, “Sorry, that is not correct.” Let’s hit “save changes.”

We don’t want to actually hide this trigger box when someone fills it out. We want it to stay on the screen so we’re going to uncheck that. Once it’s saved, let’s scroll down here and let’s get our trigger code and let’s add a new page called scavenger hunt. I’m just going to paste it in here. We should start the page off with something like “want a $10 coupon for Jimmy’s Pizza? Take a look around Tampa Bay. Type start to start your scavenger hunt.”

Type start – let’s make that bold and let’s hit publish here. Let’s go take a look at this on the front side. We’re going to view the page in the front. “Want a $10 coupon for Jimmy’s Pizza? Take a look around Tampa Bay. Type start.” So, someone’s going to come here and type start. They’re going to see “Question 1. What is the name of the round building on the corner of North Ashley and Kennedy Boulevard in downtown Tampa?”

Obviously, like we talked about they’re going to spin this around. They’re going to look around how pretty it is. Then they’ll see this round building. They’ll zoom in and they’ll see that it says Sykes. Now, let’s type Sykes. Finally, it says, “Correct. Question 2: What is the name of the big green, yellow and red bird on Treasure Island?”

Once again, they would zoom in. People can actually make this full screen. They can click this little box here and they can see it really big. They’ll spin this around. They’ll look and try to find a big bird and they’ll go, “There’s a big bird.” Obviously, that is the Thunderbird. Let’s close this. The answer here is Thunderbird. Then they hit enter.

The last question is what color are the letters on the Pear 60 sign (Clearwater’s famous pear)? Once again let’s make it full screen and let’s spin this around until we see the sign. We can zoom in. The sign is in blue. Then we’ll type in blue.

Remember we are now going to be redirected to the coupon. There we have it. Obviously, that’s not a coupon. That’s just our little sample from our other video. But you get the idea. That’s how you create a scavenger hunt using a WP Triggers.