Design Perfect Facebook Covers & Profile Pics [Free Photoshop File]


While I personally think Facebook is the digital time wasting opium of the masses, there is no doubt it is HUGE and businesses should be on there to connect with new clients.

Funny coming from us… the people who do not have a Facebook page… annnnnyyywaaayyyy.

When you make a website for a client there are a ton of opportunities for you to make some extra money. The sale should NOT stop when you launch the new website. One such way to make some extra money is to customize their Facebook profile to match their website!

About Facebook Pages

Facebook has very exact shapes and sizes for their page layout which is made up of two images, the Cover Photo (the large banner image in the back) and the Profile Picture (the square image on the left).

Not sure where they display? Here is a screenshot of Stripe’s Facebook page to show you:

In order to make some extra $, all you need to do is to design and upload two images, a profile picture and a cover photo. Easy, right?

Well, yes if you know the right size and can start with a pre-made template and… we’ve got you covered!

FaceBook Page Photoshop Artwork Templates

To save you tons of time (and hopefully help you make lots of money) we’ve created the Photoshop artwork files for you! Below is a zip file that contains two Photoshop files with layers that instantly give you the correct size you need and show you where to position elements for optimum visibility.

NOTE: Make sure you turn OFF the guide layer by clicking the little eyeball in the Layers panel before saving.

All you’ve got to do is add some artwork elements from the website you just created to the Cover Photo and add the company logo to the Profile Picture and upload. BOOM instant money!

You’re welcome,
Amy & Ian Anderson

PS: For April Fools Day, it would be hilarious if Facebook would switch the status update box and the search box, so people will be constantly posting the names of people they are stalking. #genius #hilarious