Display Text Using WP Triggers


By Web Designers Academy


One of the most simple things you can do with WP Triggers is simply show certain text based on the trigger that’s entered. So I’m going to show you real quick how to do that. So in WP Triggers click on “add new” and we’re going to call this “text demo.” So if a visitor types in we’re going to enter a trigger here. The trigger needs to be just the word “Text.” If the visitor types in that then what should display?

Well, I have a bunch of Latin text copied here in my notepad so I’m just going to copy all this and paste it into the display box and so and then trigger not found so someone doesn’t type in this key what should it say? It should say, “No way try again.” So let’s ask a question like something like, “What do you want to see” and when someone types in text it will show him text. So “No way try again” and let’s uncheck the “hide this trigger box” check box and click save.

So, on next to “text demo” we have the short code so copy this and let’s put it on the page call it text a new page called text demo and simply I’m going to type what kind of text do you want to see. I’m going to right click and choose paste and click “publish” and then let’s preview the text. So what kind of text do you want to see? I want to see one two three four five. Says, “No way try again.” I want to see text and there’s a Latin text now.

That’s a real simple version but let’s say you wanted to make this text kind of more fancy and you wanted to have some bold and maybe a few links or anything like that. What I would do is I would copy whatever text you want and I would paste it into a page in WordPress and I would start making my formatting so I’m going to make this bold. I’m going to make this bold as well. I’m going to make this a hyperlink to Wptriggers.com and let’s do this and let’s put this text right here into a bold and centered block quote.

So now what we have to do is we have to switch to HTML and let’s copy all the HTML that was written for us by WordPress. So I’m actually going to cut it because we don’t want it on the page. I’m going to cut that and then come back to our text demo. Let’s edit text demo and let’s add a new trigger set but the trigger you use is going to be fancy because this is fancy text so with the trigger fancy then it’s going to display all our fancy text right here which is what we copied and click on “save changes.”

So let’s go back to the front side of our text demo page and refresh. So once again what kind of text do you want to see? I want to see that and of course it says, “No, try again” and then I want to see text so our first example and it shows regular text. Now let’s type in “fancy” and they have it. Has our bolds and our links and our block quote and you want to probably space this out a little bit more but that’s essentially how you get fancy text and regular text into a trigger box. Enjoy.