This video is going to show you how to add images to your Trigger Boxes and it’s really easy.  So, I’m first going to go to WP Triggers and click on Add new.  The Trigger Box name is going to be Image Demo.  I have two pictures here on my desktop.  I have the WP Triggers logo and a kitty.  So we’re going to use those in two different trigger sets so when someone types in kitty, they see the kitty.  When someone types in logo, they see the logo.

Now, depending on your level of comfort in using HTML, the next step might not be applicable to you.  But for beginners who don’t know how to insert a raw HTML for an image, let’s just do it using a page.  So, I would go to a page and I will click on upload and insert.  I’m just going to drag these two, right into this box.  I’m going to click Show next to the logo.   Let’s choose none and leave it full size and click Insert to Post.

Now, this is the visual side but we need HTML.  So, if you click on HTML, we’ll see this is the image HTML to make this display.  Like I just said, if you’re doing this for a while and you know how to just type in imgsrc, you can just do that.  So, we’re going to say if the visitor types in a logo, then display we’re just going to put in the image code.  Then we’re going to click Add New Trigger Set because we need a new trigger set for the kitty.

So, let’s come back to this page and let’s click back on upload and insert.   Let’s go to gallery, and kitty we’re going to just insert it into the page.   Actually, we’re already on the HTML tab.  So, I’m going to copy the HTML for the kitty picture and I’m going to type in here.  So, here’s the trigger it’s going to be kitty then display the kitty image tag.  So, if someone doesn’t type in logo or kitty, we’re going to say “Really? Do you want to try again?”  I would uncheck Hide this Trigger Box for right now.

So, once you have your trigger and your image embed code and then in the second set of trigger and image embed code, you just want to click Save Changes.  Here we have the Short Code—the Short Code column next to Image Demo so I’m going to copy this.  Come to our new page.   Let’s get rid of the contents that’s there and the page title, we’re just going to call Image Demo.  Let’s switch to Visual.

So, the question is going to be “What do you want to see?”  I might just paste this in here and click Publish.  So, if you remember if someone types in the trigger logo, they’re going to see the WP Trigger’s logo.  If they type in Kitty, they’re going to see a kitty.  So, let’s view this page.  So, what do you want to see?  I want to see a kitty.  There’s our kitty.  But if I want to see a logo, there’s WP Trigger’s logo.  So, it’s easy as that to use images in your Trigger Boxes.