Don’t be afraid of the snake in the next room (Creative Confidence)


By Web Designers Academy

You: Hey Ms. Client, I’ve got great news! I just completed your design and I’m super excited to show you! Click on the link I sent you and let me know what you think!

Ms. Client: Sure! Ok… let me login to my email… ok I see the link… I am clicking on it now… hhhmmm.


You [nervously]: Is that a good hhmmmm or a bad hhmmmm?

Ms. Client: It’s just… I don’t know… doesn’t seem… very creative.

You’ve just been crushed.

It’s like you’re back in grammar school again and that cute girl you’ve been gushing over just called you “gross” in front of the everyone at recess… and now everyone is laughing at you.

Remember that?

That type of thing fucks with your confidence.

You start thinking: Have I lost it? Did I ever actually have “it” to being with?

You start questioning everything and you are now petrified of judgement.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Enter David Kelley

If you’ve had your beautiful new design completely decimated by a client and you are afraid of what the next client will say, this video will help.

In 12 minutes David will help you understand how to get around this fear of judgement and help boost your creative confidence. It’s definitely worth the next few minutes of your day.

Your friend,
Ian “Gravity Forms Coach” Anderson

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