Talking to walls isn’t much fun.

See from the beginning it’s been us talking to you… and that’s been a very one way conversation.

We want to change that.

We want to create a community of people that want to share, learn and help others.

So starting in early December (UPDATE: January 2015), things are going to get more interactive around here.

Our plan is to add a commenting system on our site so you can interact with us and each other.

But we also want to take that a step further by coming up with unique features and opportunities like:

  • Design Competitions
  • Website Critiques
  • What’s The Best X (ie: responsive banner plugin, stock photo resource, etc…)
  • Rally Together To Make Changes To Popular Tools
  • Timed Challenges
  • and more

I’m sure some of this will anger some people and we’ll probably get emails like…

“Seriously guys? Whaddya mean my plugin isn’t the best [insert awesome thing here], you guys suck”.
~ ABC Plugin Developer

Our homepage is going to change too.

Currently it’s a picture of us in Big Sur, California but we want to have a collage of people from around. This will better represent the new direction of the Web Designer’s Academy.

And that’s where YOU come in

We want YOUR photo to be in the collage on our homepage.

You don’t have to take a new photo, just upload the best one you’ve already got (and It doesn’t matter what you are doing in the photo, just be you).

Upload your photo below

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