Filling the void OR “Wow hunny… It actually helps people!” [VIDEO]


By Web Designers Academy

To be honest.. the majority of the time we have NO IDEA what people think about the Web Designer’s Academy.  None.  Seriously.

I know we always try our best to create super-useful products and tutorials… but the life of a married couple who works at home creating websites then blogging about web design to a global audience doesn’t get much real world feedback.

We do however, get the occasional email from someone telling us how our products / tutorials have helped them make more money, close more jobs, etc..


It let’s us know that you are absorbing and enjoying what we do and that we are not just talking into the empty dark space of the Internet…. and that is a really good feeling.

To know that you’ve created something that helps someone else on the other side of the world that you’ll probably never meet face-to-face… is freaking amazing.

That takes us to Leo.

The Happy Leo Video

Leo (from Ride The Wave Marketing) is a great guy!  While we’ve never met Leo in person, we’ve helped him out with a few designs tweaks on a few sites and figured out a few technical problems.

Just a few days ago he surprised us with this super-nice video.

For us, this video is just more proof that what we are doing… does actually help people.

And that feeling is priceless.

Your humble friends,
Amy & Ian