Save Major Amounts of Time: Free Copy & Paste FAQs For Web Designers


After a deep sigh… I gritted my teeth… shook my head slightly and thought to myself  “Why am I answering this same fucking question again”?

It was the third time this week that one of my clients asked me the same exact question… and the third time this week that I had to type the same exact response in an email.

This was getting old.

Sure I type fast (not sure how many words per minute) but that’s irrelevant here.

The repetition of mundane tasks is only useful for factory workers in an assembly line… not for us. The people that manufacture creative juices in our brains, pump it through our fingers, onto a keyboard and into a web browser to make something beautiful, something unique, each and every time.

As web designers we make money by designing websites for our clients, but what we are really selling them… is our time.  The longer things take, the less profitable they become… here is a good visual:

See, there is no exchange of tangible goods when we make a website for a client, there are no packing slips, there no shipping and handling expenses.  No, it’s OUR TIME we are selling and it’s OUR TIME that we need to get better at managing.

Of course there are many ways to streamline your daily activities, but let’s start with providing better customer service WITHOUT taking up more of your time.

We’re happy to announce a new series here on the Web Designer’s Academy, one that will help your clients get the help they need without YOU needing to provide it to them.  

What is it? It’s called Copy & Paste FAQs.

As you can imagine it helps you get time-saving FAQs on your website… without you having to write them! They are prewritten FAQs that you can copy and paste into your website for free.

We’ve written them based on repetitive interactions with our clients, and all you’ve gotta do is copy and paste them into a FAQ plugin (see all the free WordPress FAQ plugins) or you can just add them to a blog post category and let your clients search them.

For best results: include a link to all the FAQs on your website in your email signature so all of your email will contain a link and put a link to it on your contact page so clients will check them first before they write to you.  When a client emails you a question that you’ve got an FAQ for… do not give them the answer in an email, just give them a link to that particular FAQ on your website.  This way you’ll train them into visiting your FAQ section BEFORE they ask you a question.

We’ll be adding to it regularly and today we are starting with two very common questions that we’ve answer way too many times.  Click the link below to see them all:


If you want to contribute an FAQ that you’ve answered a gazillion times send us an email with the information and we’ll publish it on our site and give you a link.

Together we can save each other time and all make more money.

Your friend,
Ian Anderson