YouTube Channel Art Photoshop Template (Free Download)


Take that boring-as-hell YouTube Channel Art and turn it into a masterpiece with these free templates.

As web designers we’re always looking for new ways to give more value and make more money from our clients and this post will give you a special tool that will help you make an extra $50 – $100 with each new job you get! Offering this service to your current clients will be even easier because they already trust you! The secret sauce is all about customizing a YouTube account with YouTube Channel Art to make it visually interesting and consistent with your clients brand.

Sound like a plan?

Let’s do this.

Don’t Just Upload Any Old Photo!

YouTube is the grand-daddy, supreme leader and Micheal Jordan of online video, so YouTube videos can be viewed on a variety of devices like laptops, televisions, tablets and even gaming systems like XBOX.  This means that your YouTube Channel Art needs to look good on ALL devices and simply uploading a photo is not the best option.

Let me show you why.

Let’s say that you wanted to use the stock photo below as your YouTube Channel Art :

Free YouTube Channel Art Photoshop Templates

PRO TIP: If you like that stock photo you can download the high-res version HERE or you can also see our guide to the best sites to get free stock photos and videos

Once you have your photo you head over to your YouTube Creator Studio and click the Customize Channel button then move your mouse over your current channel art and click the little pencil in the top-right corner and then upload your image.

Once you do, YouTube will show you a little diagram that looks like this:

Free YouTube Channel Art Photoshop Templates

This helpful diagram depicts how your image will display. Depending on the device, different parts of your image file will be visible. Here’s a quick description of what happened when that stock photo is used:

  • Desktop YouTube Channel Art: Only a thin slice of the middle of the photo is visible on Desktop devices. In the example above you can kinda see some of a hand and a laptop screen but not the keyboard… which is kinda weird.
  • TV YouTube Channel Art: On televisions you can see the entire image in all its glory! Yay!
  • Mobile YouTube Channel Art: Looks very similar to the desktop version… except not as wide.

I know what you are thinking… bbbuuuuuuttttt I can only use ONE image file for ALL those devices!

Free YouTube Channel Art Photoshop Templates

See the problem? That laptop photo looks great on TVs but looks CRAPPY on Desktops and Mobile devices!

So… what can you do about this?

We’ve got you covered!

Download YouTube Channel Art Photoshop Templates

In order to make a YouTube channel look good across all devices… AND IN THE PROCESS make it easy for you to generate a little extra cash by customizing your clients YouTube account… we created a few files that you can edit in Photoshop to make images that fit perfectly in YouTube!

How awesome is that?

The first step is to download the Photoshop files… all you’ve gotta do is login to your Web Designers Academy account (or sign up for free)  and download the ORIGINAL Photoshop PSD file where you can customize the colors, change the text, etc… 

Once you download those files, take a look at the channel art template in Photoshop (or just preview it). You’ll see an image that looks like this:

YouTube Channel Art Photoshop Template

Notice how the middle strip is blue… that part is visible on Desktop and Mobile devices.

Notice how the top and bottom part is green… that part becomes visible on TVs (and the blue strip appears as well). 

Before we go customize the files I just want to show you what it would look like if you simply saved out the channel art template as a .JPG file and uploaded it to YouTube… here is that preview diagram again… but using that template file:

Free YouTube Channel Art Photoshop Templates

As you can see in the diagram the BLUE area represents the area of the file that is visible on Desktop (the entire strip appears on desktops) & Mobile devices (about 75% of the blue strip appears on mobile devices) and the GREEN represents the area visible on Televisions. The RED area represents the area where your channel icon automatically appears on some devices / browsers so DON’T put anything important in that area! We’ll review all of that stuff in the video below. 

Customize Those Photoshop Files

Once you download the YouTube Channel Art Photoshop Templates from above you need to open them in Photoshop (or any image editing program that can edit .psd files) and replace the sample elements with real images but DO NOT change the location of those elements in the file. If you are unsure of what that means here is a short video showing you how to easily add new images and upload it to your YouTube Channel in about seven minutes:

PRO TIP: Click the full screen button in the bottom-right to make the video larger.

See that wasn’t too hard… was it?

PRO TIP: If you feel pretty confident about customizing those files, you can offer “YouTube Channel Customization” as a paid service to your clients… depending on where you operate your web design business you could probably charge clients anywhere from $50-$100 for customizing their YouTube Channel!

Just a friendly reminder about file types:

  • The large channel art banner should be saved out as a JPG file.
  • The square channel icon (the little image that displays under your videos and when you post a comment) should be saved out as a JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG file.

Did you create some gorgeous YouTube Channel Art? Share the URL to your YouTube Channel in the comments below!