Get More Affiliate Sales Using WP Triggers


By Web Designers Academy

NOTE: The special offer code in the video is a sample.


Affiliate sales are a great way to earn extra income. Two of the biggest names in the industry are Commission Junction and ClickBank. On ClickBank’s about page, they actually say that they have over 100,000 active affiliate marketers. Now, that’s a lot. My question to you is, why would someone click on your affiliate link versus one of the 99,000 or so other affiliate links out there? Well, hopefully with WP Triggers and the next idea I give you will answer that question and help you make a lot more money.

So, let’s start with this product right here. This is a ClickBank product called Opt-In Rocket. What it is, is an online tutorial teaching CSS and creating forms and Opt-In forms in using Mail Chimp and A-Weber and all that stuff and creating gorgeous Opt-In forms for any WordPress website.

This is actually the screen that people see when they log in. You can actually see at the bottom, it says “Special Offer Code: 321Launchtime.” Now, what can we do with that? Well, you as the affiliate would need to know the special offer code and so obviously the creator of the product would want to give you this information. Let’s say that the special offer code for Opt-In Rocket is 321Launchtime. Now, what you could do is you could create a product or give some information that would help someone with this Opt-In Rocket course. But they would have to go back to your website and type this special offer code and to actually get it.

Let me give you an example. Like I was saying Opt-In Rocket teaches you how to create gorgeous Opt-In forms and one of the ways that does it, is by teaching you how to use background images in your forms. So, let’s say that you had some graphic design skill and you went and created 20 or so backgrounds for Opt-In forms. So, let’s say you did that and you zipped them all up and you made a zip file called Opt-In Rocket Bonus. See it right here in my desktop?

So, now what we would do is we go and add that to a trigger so that when someone makes a purchase of Opt-In Rocket and sees the special offer code, they could go back to your website and type it in and get the free file. So, let me walk you through that. Let’s make the text I will show in the Trigger Box first. So, in the Trigger Box it should say something like “Thank you for your purchase! Click here to download your free backgrounds.” So, now we need to just get that zip file from my desktop to the website. So, I am just going to drag it in like this.

Now, I’m going to copy the file URL and I’m going to link the words “Click here” to that. So, now we’re going to take this and we’re going to go create a Trigger Box. So, in WP triggers go and click on Add new. Actually, while I was thinking doing that like I said, obviously the creator of the product would need to have a special offer code and you would have to ask them for. I just want to make sure that, that’s clear.

So, here’s our new trigger and we’re going to call this Affiliate Demo. So, once again in this box right here, we type in the trigger. So, the trigger here is going to be 321Launchtime. So, when someone types in 321Launchtime, what do they see? Well, they need to see this. So, we’ll copy the HTML here and then if someone types in the incorrect trigger, we’ll have it say “Sorry! That is not correct!”

Now, if you are clever you could actually use HTML and put your affiliate link in here again. So you could say “That is not correct! Click here to purchase Opt-In Rocket.” Then of course you would make these words right here clickable. But we’ll skip that for right now. So, we have the trigger here which we remember we get the trigger from the product, the special offer code. We have the HTML that will give the person the file and we have “Trigger Not Found” text. So, all we need to do is click on Save Changes.

With that all done, let’s find in that Trigger Box in the main WP Trigger section and its Affiliate Demo. So, I’m going to copy this. I’m going to come back to this page, and we’ll going to call this page Affiliate Demo. So, let’s say you’re going to give a review about Opt-In Rocket, so you say “Here is the Opt-In Rocket review.” We’ll just copy and paste that a bunch of times or you could just paste the Trigger Box at the bottom.

So, we’re going to say that you reviewed the product. This is typically how affiliates make a lot of their money, is they review their product first. Then at the bottom, we can say something like “Click here to purchase Opt-In Rocket.” That would be your affiliate link. Now, I’m just going to make this to a pound sign just so that we can visually see that it’s a link.

Then at the bottom we can say, “Once you made your purchase, click on the Start tab and enter the Special Offer Code below to download a zip file of 20 sexy backgrounds that you can use in your forms!” We should spell things right. All right, so what I would do is I probably would just bold the words “Start tab” and then “enter the Special Offer Code below” bold that. Let’s hit Publish.

So, once it saves here let’s launch it on the front side. So, here at the top of the page is going to be our amazing review of Opt-In Rocket. Here is our ClickBank affiliate ID, and then at the bottom we could enter in our code so let’s say someone just comes here and they just try and get your product for free. They type in anything and nope, that is not correct. Let’s just refresh the page, but the box comes back.

So, remember the correct code is 321Launchtime. So, let me copy that from the product, paste it in here, hit enter and it says “Thank you for your purchase! Click here to download your free backgrounds.” So, we would click and obviously it would begin downloading to My Computer. So, that’s how you can use WP Triggers to really increase your ClickBank or your Commission Junction affiliate sales.