Give People Access To Your Ebook Using WP Triggers


By Web Designers Academy

NOTE: URL redirection has been built into WP Triggers in V3.0

Copy and paste the code below (and change the URL) to create the redirect:

<meta http-equiv=”REFRESH” content=”0; url=” />


This video is going to show you how to use a Trigger Box to give people access to an eBook that know the secret password. So, let’s get started. On my desktop here, I have a PDF file—let me just open it to show you. It’s just a sample PDF that I just made and the filename is My eBook. So, the first step is for me to get this PDF file to the website. So to do that, go to Media, and then Add new. I’m just going to open it up in a new tab, and I’m going to drag into the website. So, now my eBook has been uploaded and you can see the URL right here. We’re going to use that in just a second. So, I’ll keep this tab open.

Now, let’s go create a new Trigger Box. So, move your mouse over WP Triggers and click on New Trigger. We’re going to give a title of eBook Trigger Box. This is going to be the Trigger. Let’s make this the Trigger, Crazy88. Then on the box over here, underneath this video there’s a little bit of code and it looks something like this. So, I’m going to copy the code underneath this video and paste it in the box. If you look at it you’ll actually see that there’s a URL right here and the URL just simply goes We need to replace that URL with the URL of the PDF eBook.

Here’s how we do it. You just go back to our other tab, and right here it says File URL. You copy all these, so select it all. Right click and choose copy. Now, come back to the Trigger Box, delete what’s there and then paste in the URL of the PDF file. Easy as that. Then we need to type in what to display to the visitor if they don’t get it right. So, we’ll say something like “Nope. Not correct. Try again buddy!” What we’ll do is we will allow the Trigger box to stay after someone submits it, so that they can try again if they get it wrong. We’re going to hit Save Changes.

Now, here is the Short Code. Remember here’s the Short Code in it and here’s our Trigger Box for our eBook. So, select that. Right click and choose copy. Now, let’s go to pages and Add new. We’re going to call this “eBook Access Demo.” Let’s start this by saying “What is the secret password to download the eBook?” Then we’re just going to paste in the Short Code and hit Publish.

Then let’s take a look at the page. “What is the secret password to download eBook?” Is it open? Nope. Not correct. Try again. Is it eBook? Nope. Now, let’s try crazy88. Crazy88 and then enter and then watch. There’s access to the eBook. So that’s how you give people access to an eBook using a Trigger Box. Enjoy!