Give Users Access to a Secret Page using WP Triggers


By Web Designers Academy

NOTE: URL redirection has been built into V3.0

Copy and paste the code below (and change the URL) to create the redirect:

<meta HTTP-EQUIV=”REFRESH” content=”0; url=”>


This video is going to show you how to create access to a secret page using a Trigger Box. So, let’s get started. The first step is we should go make the page in which you want to give people access to. So, I’m going to move my mouse over Pages and choose Add new. I’m going to give it a title of My Secret Page and of course in the content area is where you would put all your content. I am just going to write “This is my secret page.” I am just going to duplicate that a bunch of times. So, whatever your secret content is, this is where it would go just put it right there on the page.

Another thing I would do is I would change the permalink. Let’s say I save this right now, the permalink is going to be the URL of the site and then slash my secret page. But I want to change that to something a little bit more random that no one is going to be able to guess something like that. Just a random string of characters and numbers so that no one’s going to ever guess that. So, I’m going to click Publish now. When it’s all set I’m going to view the page.

So, this is the address of my secret page. Now, we have to create a Trigger Box that will redirect us there. So, let’s go to WP Triggers and go New Trigger. We’re going to call this box, Secret Access. We’re going to ask the visitor for the secret password and in this case the secret password is going to be “tacos.” Now, underneath this video there’s a little bit of code that you need to copy in, in order to make the redirect work. It’s actually right here on my screen but if you’ll look under this video you’ll see it there as well.

So, I’m going to copy this and I’m just going to paste it in the side here. Now, as you can tell it says the URL in here is just going to But we are going to replace that with the address of my secret page. So, I’m going to copy this, come here. I’m going to delete what’s there and paste in my new URL to my secret page. Then if someone types in something that’s not a trigger we’re going to say “Sorry that is not correct! Access denied!” We will uncheck this box that people can try multiple times. All right, so I’m just going to hit Save.

So, here’s the Short Code for the Secret Access Trigger Box. So, I’m going to copy that. I’m going to add a new page. We’re going to call it “Secret Page Access Demo.” Then we’re going to type “What is the secret password?” I’m just going to right click here and paste in the Short Code and I’m going to click Publish.

All right, now let’s view the page in the front side. So, we’re at the page it says “What is the secret password?” Well, I wonder if the secret password is Apples. Sorry, that is not correct. Access denied! I wonder if it is Bananas nope, same thing. Let’s try Tacos, now watch what’s going to happen. It instantly redirected to our secret page. So that’s how you create access to a secret page on your site using a Trigger Box.