Make Gravity Forms do amazing things

Finally! A video course for understanding how to use Gravity Forms! Hundreds of people have used this course to create amazing things using Gravity Forms. 100% satisfaction or your money back.

I’m going to paint a little picture.

You want to learn how to make amazing web forms, but you feel it’s confusing and waaayyyy too complex. You’ve found some advice out there (a couple YouTube videos, maybe you read an article or two) but it’s all just fragments of the entire story and not really that useful all by itself.

All of this I know too well.

When I was making HTML based forms, I felt like even creating a simple contact form was difficult. I saw all these awesome-looking forms and could tell which ones were good, but when it came to recreating a form, I was lost.

I thought form designers were magical creatures that sprinkled magic dust on their forms and could make a form register new users, upload files, redirect to different pages and even sell things. It seemed like some sort of black-magic that was something that “other people” could do. Not me.

But I had enough.

I stopped drooling at other peoples complex forms and decided now was the time for me to make my own. Over the next few YEARS I learned how to make (almost) any form I could find and NOW I want to share all of that with you in just a few hours.

Remove the Gravity Forms "learning curve"

How do you use Conditional Logic? What's the quickest way to pass information via URL variables? How can you configure one form to use PayPal AND Credit Cards (Stripe)?

Learning Gravity Forms can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be that way any longer. I've mastered the art of Gravity Forms and I want to share everything I've learned with you.

So where do you start? What if you've never even made the simplest form before? And most importantly how do you avoid making dumb forms?

This course isn't fluff. It isn't a magic formula. It's YEARS of using Gravity Forms condensed into just a few hours... and there isn't a whole lot of reading either all you've gotta do is kick back and watch videos, whether you're trying to build a simple contact form or a multipage auto insurance quote form with repeating fields that processes payments and requires a digital signature (and have all that that display in a popup box).

Yes, you'll learn how to do all of that in a simple-to-use interface that looks like this...

"We use this course to train new interns and they are instantly more useful. I appreciate the updates that cover the consent block. Nicely done."

Sheryl Coe (Reportica.com)

"While we do work together everyday, he knows a lot more about Gravity Forms than me... so instead of asking him how to do something, I (literally today) just watched all the lessons about selling things with Gravity Forms."

Amy Anderson (WebDesignersAcademy)

Start learning right away (yes, right now)!

This course has been designed to teach you the important concepts without taking up too much of your time. Each module consists of a video lesson (most videos are under 10 minutes in length), quick review notes and a quiz to make sure that you "got it"... and you will "get it". Promise!

You'll start with the super-basic lessons (like buying and installing Gravity Forms) and work your way up to the advanced lessons (like URL variables, Post Fields and more!).

You'll also hear from incredibly smart developers that have made plugins that work with Gravity Forms and can add some amazing things. Throughout the lessons you'll learn tips, tricks, and best practices.

It's completely self-paced and you get lifetime access. When new content gets added later, you'll get it at no additional charge. These courses are also mobile-friendly, so you can enjoy them on-the-go, or you can download all the lessons and resources and learn offline.

To show you exactly what a lesson video looks like, I want to give you a free lesson right here, right now. Below is the lesson #2 video.

Don't forget that this is just the lesson VIDEO, each lesson also contains notes and a quiz on the material.

Want more? Get 4 free lessons right now!

Is this course a good fit for you?

Learn Gravity Forms is a completely self-paced course and you get lifetime access. When new content gets added later, you'll get it at no additional charge. These courses are also mobile-friendly, so you can enjoy them on-the-go, or you can download all the lessons and resources and learn offline.

This self-paced Gravity Forms course is for you if:

You’re ready to invest a few hours today (or this weekend ) to understand how to use Gravity Forms.

You bought a copy of Gravity Forms and you want to learn how to use it.

You are willing to roll up your sleeves, get dirty and do a bit of hard work (this is not a magical course).

You want to make money by designing useful web forms.

This courses is NOT for you if:

You want to sit around and not try very hard but expect to make awesome things happen.

You don't care about what you create and you're only here because your boss is making you.

You’re from another planet.

You've never heard of Gravity Forms (and yet you've read this far. Hhhmm.).


What's Included?

Great question! The Learn Gravity Forms course is broken into six modules and two bonus lesson packs. Below is a list of what is included in each. To receive all of the content listed below, you'll need the Ninja package.

Items with * around the title * are new lessons added in 2019!

Module 1: Step by Step Basics (5 Lessons)

Lesson 1: How to purchase your very own copy of GravityForms and install it in your WordPress website

Lesson 2: How to create a new simple form, use the single line text field, save a form and embed a form on a page.

Lesson 3: Quickly go over drop down menus, multi select, number, checkboxes and radio buttons.

Lesson 4: How to use HTML, Section and Page blocks which will help make your forms a lot easier to fill out.

Lesson 5: How to require fields, set a limit on characters and use Bulk Add to populate fields with tons of choices with just a click.

Module 2: Ninja Tips & Tricks (5 Lessons)

Lesson 6: How to use a few Advanced Fields such as Name, Date, Email, etc... which will make your forms function better.

Lesson 7: How and why you should use the Address block and how to configure your very own CAPTCHA test.

Lesson 8: How to use the File Upload field to allow visitors to submit files through the form and how to use the List field!

Lesson 9: How to create an entire employment application form from scratch using everything you've learned so far!

* Consent *: Make sure visitors agree to your terms and conditions AND record the actual agreement copy with this new block.

Module 3: Making Smarter Forms (5 Lessons)

Lesson 10: How to display a custom confirmation message OR redirect the user to a confirmation "Thank You" page after submitting the form.

Lesson 11: How to have the form send an email to the website admin that contains all the information submitted through the form.

Lesson 12: How to send the user an email notification and send multiple notifications based on conditional logic (also known as Email Routing)

Lesson 13: How to show or hide fields based on the user's input in previous form fields.

* Lesson 14 *: How to access all the information that has been submitted through Gravity Forms.

Module 4: Extending Your Forms (5 Lessons)

Lesson 15: What the options on the Gravity Forms settings screen mean.

Lesson 16: How to use different CSS classes that come built into Gravity Forms.

Lesson 17: How to create a simple shopping cart with Gravity Forms + PayPal.

Lesson 18: How to use coupons when selling things, collect signatures and setup a poll to get feedback.

Lesson 19: How to export and import forms and entries into a CSV spreadsheet for data analysis offline.

Module 5: Power Up Gravity Forms (3 Features)

GF Chart: Learn how to display Gravity Forms submissions as beautiful charts

Approve ME: Learn how to collect legally binding digital signatures using Gravity Forms

Geo My WP: Learn how to add geolocation services to your forms!

Module 6: Sharpening The Saw (4 Lessons)

Lesson 20: How to send pieces of information from page A to the form on page B.

Lesson 21: How to create an estimate form using multiple fields as variables in the formula.

Lesson 22: All about the remaining fields in the Pricing section and when to use them.

* Smaller Forms *: Sometimes you don't have a lot of space, in this lesson you'll learn how to drastically shorten up your forms.

Bonus Lessons (Pack #1) (3 Lessons)

Lesson 23: All the things you can change on the form settings page.

Lesson 24: How to create a form that takes the submitted information and creates a WordPress post out of it.

Lesson 25: How to use a few more fields from the Post section (such as Featured Image!)

Bonus Lessons (Pack #2) (5 Lessons)

Lesson 26: Watch this super-short and super-quick promo video if you don't have a lot of time.

Lesson 27: Increase your form completion rate by displaying your forms in a popup!

Lesson 28: Get more buyers by giving people the option to use PayPal or a Credit Card.

* Smart Redirection *: Learn how to redirect visitors to different places based on information they entered.

* User Registration *: Learn how to setup a registration system that charges visitors for the account access.


Photoshop Image Buttons: Why settle for boring submit buttons when you can make your buttons super-fancy? This bonuses includes 15 Photoshop button templates!

Pre-made Gravity Forms: Some forms can long, I mean real lllloooonnnggggg. Instead of wasting time building out a multi-page forms, just import one of these and tweak. This bonus includes 12 importable forms like a Business Insurance Quote, Mortgage Loan Application, Personal Loan Application, Employment Application and more!

HD Video Files / MP3 Audio FIles: Take the course with you! You can download video files or just the audio portion.  It's perfect for learning on the go!

Behind The Scenes Video: Ever want to see HOW an online course like this is made? Take a peek at the logic behind the course content creation, see the admin area of the website, watch how the custom post types instantly format all the lessons, how different account types see different things and more!

* Updated for 2019 *

In March 2019 the Learn Gravity Forms course received a major facelift and four brand new lessons to help you take your Gravity Forms learning even further.


If for some reason you get stuck, I am here to help. Just fill out a simple form and I'll get back to you within 48 hours (unless it's Taco Tuesday, cuz, ya know... tacos).


I know you'll love the course and I want to share that with other people. If you add your review you'll also receive a link back to your website!

Choose the package that's right for you

This course is exactly what I wish I had when I was learning how to use Gravity Forms and is the result of everything I learned through trial and (a bunch of) error. If you are overwhelmed and confused about Gravity Forms, close all of the random tutorial tabs on your browser and enroll in this course right now.


  • Module 1 (5 Lessons)
  • Module 2 (5 Lessons)
  • Module 3 (5 Lessons)
  • Module 4 (5 Lessons)
  • Module 5 (3 Lessons)


  • Module 1 (5 Lessons)
  • Module 2 (5 Lessons)
  • Module 3 (5 Lessons)
  • Module 4 (5 Lessons)
  • Module 5 (3 Lessons)
  • Module 6 (4 Lessons)
  • BONUS Lesson Pack #1 (3 Lessons)
  • BONUS Lesson Pack #2 (5 Lessons)
  • Priority Support
  • BONUS Photoshop Image Buttons
  • BONUS Pre-made Gravity Forms
  • BONUS Download HD Video Lessons
  • BONUS Download MP3 Audio Lessons
  • BONUS Behind The Scenes Video


  • Module 1 (5 Lessons)
  • Module 2 (5 Lessons)
  • Module 3 (5 Lessons)
  • Module 4 (5 Lessons)
  • Module 5 (3 Lessons)
  • Module 6 (4 Lessons)
  • Priority Support
  • BONUS 15 Photoshop Image Buttons

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