Helping clients understand the difference between Portrait VS Landscape photos


By Web Designers Academy

You: No, that photo is not going to work for the banner area.
Client: Well.   HHhmmm.  What about this one?
You: Now that one is too tall.
Client: UUUmmm.  Can you try this one instead?

Doesn’t that suck?  And it usually goes on and on and on.

Education is the key

The problem is that most clients don’t understand the difference between Portrait and Landscape photos.  Understandably they don’t have to because normally they only deal with [insert client business category here] and photo ratio/orientation isn’t a top priority.

So the best way to help a situation is to educate the people involved, so we need to educate our web clients about the photos and below is a great way to do that!

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This simple infographic walks a client through understand why some photos won’t work in a banner and some will.  It’s simple, easy to read and every client that has seen it “gets” it.

You can use this

Of course you can use the above PDF as is but you should know that we created this simple infographic with two things in mind:

  1. To educate our own clients about photos (because that same problem kept occurring)
  2. We didn’t add too much styling so YOU (the web designer) can download and brand it for your own clients!

Awesome right!

All you’ve gotta do is login to your Web Designers Academy account (or sign up for free)  and download the ORIGINAL Photoshop PSD file where you can customize the colors, change the text, etc… 

You can do anything you want with this guide, it’s our way of saying thank you for hanging out with the Web Designer’s Academy!