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Show and Hide Different Content On Mobile Devices & Desktops

You don’t always order the exact same pizza, so why display the exact same content on mobile devices AND on desktops? Here’s how to show and hide different content on…

Bad Web Design: Stop Drowning Your Visitors In Ads

If you can design a website that makes the visitor feel something… that’s a good thing. Unless that something is pure RAGE, then that’s called bad web design. Dear Ad…

Custom 404 Error Page

10 Awesome Custom 404 Error Pages PLUS 6 Clever Ideas!

Let’s be honest: visitors to websites you build are going to hit a 404 page at some point, so why not make a custom 404 error page and blow their…

“Can you add some POP”? Here’s how to understand vague client requests

When it comes to communicating about projects, vague client requests will kill profitability. Would you ever walk into McDonalds and say “Hi!  I’d like some lunch please”.  Probably not! I…

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