Homepages We Love: The Newton (by CloudMagic) Homepage


By Web Designers Academy

It makes me happy when I stumble upon a website that understands good design… and the CloudMagic people really get it.

This post has nothing to do with the Newton email product itself, but it has everything to do with the design of its new homepage which can be found here).

Before I tell you why I think it’s awesome, take a quick scroll through the full length screenshot below (taken on 9/24/2016) so you can get a feel for how great of a design it is.  Now, it’s a long screenshot but keep on scrolling to see something kinda cool I found.


Wasn’t that a nice ride?  I think so.  Here’s some of the reasons I love this design (and some things that you should do in your next web design project):

  • The opening screen (for me on a MacBook Air at least) stops right above the “Simple. Beautiful. Reliable” line so without scrolling I can see a very cool moon, a little astronaut,  a big beautiful purple sky.  It’s a very pleasing opening screen.
  • The only thing with a color that pops above the fold is the fire coming out of paper airplane, rocket-ey, thing in the sky.  This is nice and simple.
  • As you scroll down the moon provides the light colored background for the content.
  • Each content row alternates from grey to white.
  • Showing all the different devices (some colorful, some not) that the application works on is a much nicer way of displaying that information than just listing them in a bulleted list.
  • I also notice that Newton Mail use the same method of displaying copy on the homepage as a lot of the other beautiful sites we get inspired from, they DON’T put paragraphs and paragraphs of text instead they use larger headings and a sentence (or two). Each section also includes a “Know more” link if you do want more in-depth information about that topic.
  • Their diagrams in each section are simple and easy to understand.  The Send Later and Undo Send graphics give some great eye candy AND depict what the feature does.  For example the Send Later graphic is the phases of the moon, which lets you know that time is passing.  The Undo Send graphic is a space capsule with an open parachute, letting you know that this feature will save your ass if you accidently hit the send button.
  • The color from outer space is a very pleasant purple that makes its appearance down the page in a few of the circle icons.
  • The last row with the title “Take off in 3, 2, 1…” makes it real easy to get the application and the devices are arranged in a very symmetrical way (which makes me happy).  The only thing I would have done here is to make the buttons purple with white text.
  • It also makes me happy that there is no Windows application (yet).  Screw you Windows!

One thing you can’t see in this screenshot is that on the live website there are few stars that twinkle, ever so softly, in the night sky and every once in awhile… a comet zooms past.  Nice touch guys.

CloudMagic did a great job on this!

Your friend,

PS: Are there are any flag nerds in audience tonight?  If so, do you know what flag is stuck on the moon?  It looks blue with a few yellow stars?