How to easily recreate the slick PayPal design (in about 10 minutes)


By Web Designers Academy

From their humble beginning helping eBay sellers unload rare Beanie Babies to spunky stay at home moms, PayPal has changed the way everyone buys and sells things online.

Back in the nineties PayPal went against the common understanding that banks control your money.  They gave normal people like you and me some serious buying (and selling) power.  What we now accept as standard and boring was a radical departure for the time.

No more waiting for checks to come in the mail (remember those days?).  No more needing an SSL and shopping cart system to simply sell something on your website (kinda sucks doesn’t it).  PayPal handles all of that for you and a lot more.

But today we’re not talking about how the granddaddy of online payments changed the world with their kinda-sorta online money transfer system – which let’s be honest, has bilked many people out of their money – No, today we are talking about their actual website design.  It’s a great example of modern website design.

I’m going to break down each piece of their site, each row, each button, each icon and show you how to recreate it using Themify Builder (which is a pretty cool page builder) in about ten minutes.

So what do you think?  Looks easy, right?  Well with a page builder it is.  Looking at the final product of that page I can’t imagine trying to recreate that using custom CSS for all those elements… that would induce a wrist-slitting rage.

If you visit this page you can leave and comment and vote on which site should be recreated next.

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PS: I am a huge fan of Stripe, but PayPal does has it’s place in the world.

Disclosure: I did not get paid to publish this blog post, but I did get paid to create that video for Themify.  I do that type of work for a lot of companies out there but I think this is a great video for anyone curious about how to design a website like PayPal.