How to know if your clients open your emails


Use this free tool to know when (and where) your emails are being opened.

How many times have you heard something like this: “Oh, no, sorry… I never saw your email come in.”

Another weird thing is that this missing email phenomenon seems to happen a lot when bills are sent out. Like when I just sent an invoice for the remaining project balance and it *magically* gets lost somewhere in the Internet.

Hhhhmmm strange isn’t it? Seems like bullshit to me.

While you can’t change the habits of other people, you can become more aware of what they are doing and that’s exactly what this free tool help you do.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know if they are lying and that they’ve actually opened it about 5 times but haven’t responded to you? If you have employees wouldn’t it be nice to know that they opened from the office and not the beach?

Think of this tool like an email truth telling serum… it makes it impossible to lie about opening email.

The tool I’m talking about is called MailTracker and it’s created by the good people at

MailTracker is a tool that lives inside of Gmail and tells you when (and where) your email gets opened. There are no settings (that I’m aware of) and it automatically tracks every outgoing email by default so you don’t even have to think about it. I love tools like that.

But, how do you know when someone opens your email?

This is really the best part: a little green checkmark appears next to the email when the recipient opens it. When you move your mouse over that green check you can see how many times they’ve opened it and on what type of device (phone, tablet, etc…). Kind of like this:

But wait there’s more…

When you click into your email and expand the right hand column you can see a history of email opens AND the actual location of where the email was opened. How sweet is that?

There is no limit to the number of emails you track so this is an “must have” tool for people that communicate with clients over email (which is basically everybody). Just a friendly reminder… this is completely FREE and it just works!

Now you can easy call people out on their bullshit, in a nice and professional way of course.

PS: That gif of the guy saying BULLSHIT is from a hilarious show called An Idiot Abroad starring (the guy in the gif) Karl Pilkington. If you like to laugh… we highly recommend the China episode. SPOLER ALERT: He is not impressed by the Great Wall of China.