How to link to a specific page in a PDF


By Web Designers Academy

Sometimes the first page of a PDF isn’t very exciting.

Sometimes there is something super-duper amazing on the 7th page…

or the 23rd page.

But how do you make a link that goes to specific page in a PDF?

Here’s how:

The purple part should look familiar to you, right?  That’s just a regular ol’ link to a PDF.

But, do you see the part in red?

That’s the key to making this work.

Simply change that number to the page number in the PDF document you want to link to.

Easy, right?

Need some examples?

I understand!  Here are two examples to help you with this.

Click on each link to see it in action.


That links to the 99th page in the classic book The Art of War.


That links to the 40th page in a catalog of outdoor kitchen appliances (and an awesome outdoor pizza oven… I think I really need one of these).

That’s all there is to it.

Sound good?

Hope so.

Your friend,
Ian “i-want-pizza-now” Anderson