How to remove that stubborn submenu outline


By Web Designers Academy

I don’t know why it requires CSS to fix this.

Dynamik Website Builder has a ton of options.  To be more specific (as I can be without spending the rest of my day counting) it has HUNDREDS of options.

You can change colors, font, width or basically every little tiny piece of a website… but one.

Take a look at the sub-menu options in this screenshot:

Notice anything?  It seems to be missing one important option here… the ability to turn borders off (ie: make them 0px).

Since you have to specify a color here, if you leave it the way it is (#ffffff) this is what you submenu items look like:

Look at that 3 sided white border.



It hurts my eyes.

Now, of course you could color it the same color as the submenu item, but if you have a different hover over submenu color, the same problem appears.

So, how do you completely get rid of it?

Thankfully it’s easy.  To remove that submenu outline (assuming you are using Genesis + Dynamik Website Builder and you should be), just add the following CSS to Genesis > Dynamik Custom > CSS

.menu-primary li li a, .menu-primary li li a:link, .menu-primary li li a:visited {
border-style: none solid solid;
border-width: 0px 0px 0px 0px;

Once that new CSS is saves, refresh on the public side of your site and take a look at the submenu now:

AAAhhhh yyiissss.  No borders.

All is right with the world again!

Your friends-without-borders,
Ian & Amy Anderson