How to Sell Products From A WordPress Site WITHOUT Creating an Online Store


By Web Designers Academy

Retail store owners dream to sell their goods online.

Every small business retail store owner I’ve ever met, eventually, bitches about the same certain things in regards to operating a physical retail store. Customers are being rude, waking up early to open the store, have to go to the bank and get enough ones fives and tens, employees stealing from the backroom and other non-income producing issues.  Combine those headaches with having to pay the same amount for rent – whether store sales are good this month or not.

Sitting on a stool, behind the counter, looking out over an empty store they have an idea.  A genius idea.  An idea that will transform their entire business and make their life less stressful.  A website!

This leads to the store owners hiring web designers like me and you to make them a website (yay!  money!) – and that website does help spread the word about the unique little store.

That’s a great start.

But the problem is that a simple website is not producing sales… which is what this little business really needs.  Without a big budget, a fully featured ecommerce setup is just not possible – but there is an alternative.

You just need a copy of the best form plugin for WordPress.

Say Hello To Gravity Forms

For years we’ve been huge fans of the web form producing superhero Gravity Forms.  

We use that plugin on (almost) every single website we ever make for our clients and recommend it to other web designers whenever we have the chance.  Working with the best software / hardware (Mac) will typically make your life much more profitable and easier.

Most web designers don’t know this, but Gravity Forms is capable of selling things through their forms.  Payment processing can be completed using the current golden boy of online payments, Stripe, or the grandfather of online payments, which made Beanie Babies a reality for hoards of stay at home moms in the 90’s, PayPal.

Whatever payment processor you (the client) choose – setting up the products and form fields in the form is the same.

So let’s get into it.  Below is a video from the Learn Gravity Forms course that will show you how to create a simple shopping cart in GF in just a few minutes.  This is the perfect solution for small businesses that have a website, want to sell a few items but don’t have the budget for a full-blown e-commerce solution.

Press the play button below and watch the 7-minute Gravity Forms tutorial video. For best results click the full-screen button in the lower right hand corner of the player.

How simple is that?  In just a few minutes you can setup a simple form to sell a product without the tons of options and endless settings of a full ecommerce solution.

Now that you know how to make the form, how much can you charge your clients for that? $100? $300? It all really depends on the market / location you are in and what type of items the store owner is selling.  For example you can charge a lot more if you are in New York City and you are making the form for a store owner that sells rare collectables than if you are in the middle of nowhere (I’m lookin at you Oklahoma) and the store owner is selling t-shirts.

As always fellow web designers, price accordingly but, make sure you don’t devalue your service.

Your friend,
Amy Anderson

PS: By default Gravity Forms does NOT process payments, you need to install an Add-On to get that to work.  This means you’ll need to buy the slightly more expensive license but it’s totally worth it.  It’s so good, you just might do the Carlton.