This video is going to show you how to use WP Triggers to increase album sales. So here in my screen is a sample CD cover that I just found online and what I added was a little sticker sort of at the bottom here. Let me just zoom in and over and so it says, “Special bonus material.” So here is what you get when you make a purchase. You get a digital booklet signed by the band and the making of behind the scenes video. So, pretty cool right? So if you are a fan of this particular artist or this band that might be something that you’d be interested in.

So let me show you how to create that. So on my desktop here is our sample bonus book. Now I just made a sample PDF so you would obviously make something from the band have them all signed in and scan it and whatever you need to do to create this PDF. So that’s step one. We’re going to make believe that you did that and the PDF is done.

In the second part would be to put together a video and upload it to a service like Vimeo or YouTube. Now we’re just going to use this Vimeo video that I’ve been using all along for these demos and so let’s start by making this happen. So, what I’d like to do is I like to start by creating what the person will see after they entered in the trigger code. So after someone enters in the correct trigger they’re going to see a message that says, “Thank you for your purchase. Below are your special bonuses.”

The first one is going to be the behind the scenes video and we will put full note for as “Put video code here” and then behind that or after that is going to be the special bonus book and we’ll just put another long note for us. Actually we should actually type something like, “Click here to download the book.” Alright so let’s start by getting the embed code for the video so once again this should be video of the band not of Opt-in Rocket Course.

So in Vimeo and just like in YouTube there’s a share button and when you click on the share button it’s going to pop up and it’s going to give you a few options here and what I recommend in which in regards to Vimeo is you want to check the “Show this text link underneath the video.” Uncheck that and let’s get 400 wide by 225 tall. So once we do that we’re going to have some code here and we’ll copy all these code and now we’re copying HTML so we need to actually go to the HTML side and where it says, “Put video code here,” let’s select that and actually paste it in.

So now our video will display there and now we need to get that book which is on my desktop right here. We need to get it to the website so click on “upload and insert.” Let’s drag this in and I want to copy the URL of the file and I’m going to highlight the word “here” and click on “link” and I’m going to paste it on the top there and I’m just going to bold the heading so behind the scenes video be bold, the special bonus book will be bold and I’m going to take all that and I’m going to copy it.

So this is what we want the person to see after they enter in a valid trigger. So now let’s go make one. So under WP Triggers I’m going to click on “New Trigger” and I’m going to type “Album Demo” and so we’ll come up with the trigger any second but on the right here this is where you paste all that HTML. Just like from what we created in WordPress.

So let’s talk about the trigger. Obviously this is a band so a trigger could be the first word in the chorus of the 7th song or let’s say on the back of this album there’s a little description you could say, “What’s the first word on the back of the album at work” or you could say in this particular – I know who this guy is but in what year was Michael John’s born whatever and that will just be for fans to know. But let’s go with the first word of the 9th song whatever that might be.

We’re going to make believe that the first word of the 9th song is the word love and on the bottom we’re just going to type if someone doesn’t type in the correct trigger we’re going to say, “Sorry that is not correct” and we’re going to hit save. Once we hit save it will redirect us back to the main WP trigger screen and we will go find our album demo here and let’s copy the trigger or the trigger box code and let’s get rid of all this and so we should say so when someone visit the website after making a purchase they need to see something like, “To download your special bonuses please enter the first word from the 9th song in the album.” That’s all you’re going to do and let’s click publish and then let’s take a look at this from the visitor side. So let’s say someone comes through and they don’t really know and they’re just trying to get it and they’re just typing anything and then enter it’s going to say, “Sorry that is not correct.” Now let’s type in the first word from the 9th song which is love and we’re going to see our behind the scenes video show up here and underneath that is the special bonus book. Now you might want to format it a little bit better but that’s essentially how you do it. Enjoy.