Increase Book Sales Using WP Triggers


By Web Designers Academy


A great way to increase book sales is to offer special bonus material with every book purchase. Let me show you one example. Let’s say this was your book cover. I’m going to zoom in a little bit here and scroll down. Let’s say there was a little graphic on the cover that said, “Special bonus material. Your purchase includes access to download an unreleased chapter and watch a behind the scenes video.”

Let me show you how to actually make that happen. Let’s say you already have a book published and that people are buying already. You can actually just put the trigger box on your website. On your website just say, “If you bought my book, click here to access special bonus material.” Either way, let me show you how to actually make this happen. We need to get two things. We need to get a video to display and a PDF.

On my desktop here – and we’ll do the PDF first – is a PDF called “Extra-chapter.” Now, if we open that we’ll see that it’s just a sample PDF that I put together with some sample text there. We’re going to make believe that is our extra chapter. If we come over to this tab in my browser, we’re going to make believe this is the behind the scenes video but of course this is just a video for Opt-In Rocket Video Course. Let’s start with the video first.

What I would do is I would just add a new page to a website. We’re not actually going to save it but we’re just going to use this to actually create the HTML. If you remember back from the video of the tutorial of how to add a video, you’ll remember that all we need to do to embed this is we need to click on “share” and we are just going to uncheck let’s say the – there’s a button down here that says, “Show a link text under this video.” We’re going to uncheck that.

We’re going to copy the embed code for the video and we’re going to paste it in the HTML side of our little editor here. That’s the video. Now, we need to get the extra chapter PDF which is on my desktop to the website and put a link to it. How we’ll do that is we’ll click on “add media.” We’ll drag this extra chapter PDF in and we’ll copy the URL.

What I’m going to do is I’m going to say, “Below is access to your bonus materials.” There will be the video. Then we’ll put “click here to download an unreleased chapter, a very exciting stuff in this one.” I’m going to make a link out of “click here to download an unreleased chapter” and I’m just going to paste in the URL of the PDF. See? It’s right there. Click on “add link.”

Now, let’s make this bold. I’m going to take all these HTML and I’m going to right-click and choose “copy” because that’s what’s going to show up in the trigger box. Now, let’s go to WP Triggers and a new trigger. I’m going to call this “Author Demo.” We’ve already created the HTML. Just make sure it’s copied. I’m going to paste it over here. This is what’s going to display when someone types in the correct trigger.

What could the trigger be? In my other tab in Photoshop here I have a sample page from some book I found on the internet. We’re going to make believe that the trigger is the last word on page 399. It could be the first word on page 62 or whatever. You just have to pick something in the book that only someone who actually has the book could find out that information.

The last word on page 399 is mockery. Do you see it here? Our trigger is going to be mockery. If someone doesn’t type in the correct trigger, they are going to see, “No, that is not correct. Try again.” That’s really all there is to it. Now, I am going to just save the changes and “Author Demo.”

Once again, I’m just going to copy the short code and we can put this on a page or a post or anywhere you want. I’m going to add a new page of author demo. The text should be something like, “To access the bonus materials please enter the last word on page 399.” I’m just going to paste the trigger short code right here and I’m going to click publish.

Now, I’m going to view the page on the front side. Here it says, “To access the bonus material, please enter the last word on page 399.” Someone might come and try to guess it. They might say, “Open” and of course it says, “No. That is not correct.”

But when someone types in “mockery” here we see the video and here we click “click here to download an unreleased chapter.” So, they can play the video and then click the link to download their extra chapter. That’s a great way to increase book sales using WP Triggers.