“What?  I don’t need a Analytics plugin?”

I almost hit him with my taco

But I love tacos too much to use them as a weapon.

See, over the weekend I was chatting about WordPress with a friend and he told me he had just installed a plugin to use Google Analytics.

[confused look on my face] “What?  You don’t need a plugin for that” I said.

“But there are so many good plugins and there isn’t a spot for it in the admin area either!?!”

I asked him to show me the plugins and he did a search for ‘google analytics’ in the WP plugin repository… look how many there are:

606 plugins, and YOU DON’T NEED ANY OF ‘EM.

Let me show you how to quickly install Google Analytics code sitewide in just a few minutes.



STEP 1: Get your Analytics tracking code

The first step is to get your Google Analytics tracking code.

To do this login to your Google Analytics account, and click on the Admin tab, like this:

Then choose the site you want to get the tracking code for, then click Tracking Code under Tracking Info, like this:

You should now see your tracking code, it should look like this:

Select ALL of that and COPY it.

Now that you’ve got your tracking code, login to your WordPress admin area.

NOTE: This assumes you already have the site setup, if not it’s pretty easy just click on Add New Property and follow the instructions



STEP 2: Install Analytics code without a WP plugin

With the G Analytics code copied, go to Genesis > Theme Settings > Header & Footer Scripts > Header Scripts

Paste the tracking code in there

Save your changes.