This video is going to show how to install WP Triggers on your WordPress site and it’s actually just like any other WordPress plug-in so it will be a real short video.

So after you made your purchase you should have a zip file on your desktop. Probably look something like this. See that? So the first step should be to login to your WordPress site and here’s a demo site that we have and once you logged in you will be in your dash board but move your mouse over plug-ins and go down to add new.

Once here choose “upload.” Click on the “choose file” button and on your desktop there should be the zip file so click on it and click “open” and then click “install now” and it should say, “Plug-in installed successfully” and you just have to click on “activate plug-in” and down here you should have a new entry that says, “WP Triggers” and that’s all there is to it.