Depending on your particular application of WP Triggers you might want the trigger box to stay or you might want the trigger box hide itself after someone submits a trigger. So for example here’s our affiliate demo and let’s say someone came here and just typed in some random numbers and letters and submitted it. See how the box went away and it said, “Sorry that is not correct?” Well watch this and actually just to clarify so if someone wanted to actually try again they would have to refresh the page and then watch the box to come back and the box is back and then they would try something else and then the box disappears.

So let‘s say you didn’t want that to happen. I’m editing the trigger box for the affiliate demo which is on my screen and at the bottom there’s just a simple little check box that says, “Hide this trigger box after a visitor searches for a trigger. I’m going to uncheck that and save my changes.

Once it’s saved I’m going to refresh on the front side and now watch when someone just types in a bunch of random characters and hit enter it stays and we do it again and the box stays. So, it all depends on like I said your particular application of WP Triggers but that is how you get the box to stay after some submits a trigger.