Learn Gravity Forms Fast: Creating your first form (VIDEO)


By Web Designers Academy

NOTE: This video is for Gravity Forms beginners that have no idea how to use GF.  If you are familiar with GF, you might want to skip this one.  Or just play it to enjoy the smooth sounds of Ian’s voice… it’s like chocolate for your ears.  🙂

So you’ve just bought your shiny new copy of Gravity Forms!  Mmmm… that new Gravity Forms smell, yum!

But… now what?

Well, the first step is to install it and add your license key and now the fun begins.

We’ve created a video that walks you through creating your first form!  Since this is your first form, we’ll use one type of form field (the Single Line Text field) to build a super-simple Gravity Forms form.

This is a quick video, only 3:41 and is best played full screen.

Now that you’ve got your first simple form done, in the next video we’ll talk about the other Standard Fields like Drop Down and Radio Buttons!

Your Gravity Forms Expert,
Ian Anderson