We’ve just gone over all the Standard Fields in Gravity Forms, but we did it quickly… so in this video we’re going to get a little bit more in-depth with some of these Gravity Forms options include:

  • Field Description – Let visitors know what they are supposed to do with a description near your form field
  • Maximum Characters – Limit the amount of characters people can type in a box (useful for comments)
  • Adding New Choices – When editing dropdown, checkboxes or radio buttons you can add new choices to expand the possible suggestions (you can also drag and drop)
  • Bulk Add / Predefined Choices – Quickly add tons of useful choices to your form fields like US States, Countries, Business Industry and more (this saves you a ton of time)
  • Radio Button “Other” Choice – Sometimes you can’t think of everything a person might want to choose, if you are using radio buttons you can click enable “other” choice and give them a box to type text in

This video is 8:45 and is best played full screen so you can see all the  juicy details.

You are on your way to learning Gravity Forms fast and now you are ready to rock Advanced Fields!

See you next time!

Gravity Forms Master Ninja,
Ian Anderson