Gravity Forms Tutorial: Understanding Standard Fields


By Web Designers Academy

So you’ve made your first Gravity Forms form and now… you’re hungry for more… so let’s do this.

In the video below we’ll cover some of the standard form fields in Gravity Forms. Here is a brief description of each form field:

  • Paragraph – Allow lots and lots of text with this field (great for comments or user bio)
  • Drop Down – Let people choose one option from a drop down menu
  • Multi Select – Let people choose multiple options (rarely used)
  • Number – Force people to enter in numbers only
  • Checkboxes – If you need need people to choose multiple items easily, use checkboxes
  • Radio Buttons – Similar to a dropdown, people can only choose one option

This video is 8:40 long and is best played full screen.

There is soooooo much more to talk about in Gravity Forms, so stay tuned for more videos and the next video will finish off the Standard form fields!

Your Gravity Forms Expert,
Ian Anderson