Learn Gravity Forms Fast: Understanding Standard Fields (Part 2)

Now that you’ve got most of the Standard form fields handled… let’s finish it off by reviewing the awesome power of the remaining Standard Fields in Gravity Forms.  Here is a brief description of each form field:

  • HTML Block – Images, text, links and video within your form easily with this field.
  • Section – Break your form into sections and make it easier for the visitor to fill out.
  • Page – Long forms are intimidating, so if you’re creating a super long form use pages to break it up;

This video is 8:18 and is best played full screen so you can see all the  juicy details.

What do you think?  Have you got the Standard fields down?  Ready for Advanced fields?  Well.. almost!  In the next video, we’ll show you a few more cool things that you can with Gravity Forms Standard Fields.

Your Gravity Forms Expert,
Ian Anderson

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