Learn Gravity Forms – Student Q&A Answers


By Web Designers Academy

I asked the students that got early-access to the Learn Gravity Forms course to submit any question they had about Gravity Forms and I would put together a video answering each question… this is that video!

This is a looooonnnngggggg video (about 30 minutes) so if you are short on time you can use this handy list below which tells you when in the video I discuss what questions. This list also contains links to the things I mention in the video.

Q1: How do you style Gravity Forms? (0:35)

Q2: How does the Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On work? (4:45)

Q3: How do you pass information from one Gravity form to another? (7:25)

Q4: Create a PDF from a Gravity Form submission? (13:34)

Q5: How do you perform a Google search using data from the form when someone clicks the submit button? (14:57)

Q6: What are those paintings on the wall behind you? (18:20)

Q7: How do you display Gravity Forms entries on the front end? (19:17)

Q8: Can Gravity Forms mimic WP Triggers (23:48)

Bloopers (because talking is hard) (28:08)